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Daily Simple Questions Thread - February 28, 2024DSQ

Got a simple question? Get a simple answer!

This thread is for all of the small and simple questions that you might have about computing that probably wouldn't work all too well as a standalone post. Software issues, build questions, game recommendations, post them here!

For the sake of helping others, please don't downvote questions! To help facilitate this, comments are sorted randomly for this post, so that anyone's question can be seen and answered. That said, if you want to use a different sort, here's where you can find the sort options:

If you're looking for help with picking parts or building, don't forget to also check out our builds at https://www.pcmasterrace.org/

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Best way to hide cablesMeme/Macro
Best way to hide cables
by HeromimoxRyzen 5 5500 | Rog Strix RX 6700XT | 32GB 3200Mhz
Change My Mind...Meme/Macro
Change My Mind...
by Hux2448i9 14900K | RTX 4090 STRIX OC | 96GB DDR5 7600Mhz