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/r/CFB Donates $18,000.00 to Toys For Tots & Children's Hospitals, thanks to the 8th annual Holiday Drive!Announcement

EDIT: minor title error, this was the 9th not 8th annual drive! 😅

The best thing about the /r/CFB is the Community, and an important extension of that is its generosity. The tradition continued in our 26th charitable drive, the 2023 /r/CFB Holiday Drive: Toys & Children's Hospitals!

Since 2013, /r/CFB readers have donated over $153,000 to charity.


The 9th annual /r/CFB Holiday Drive raised $18,000.00!

Take a moment to appreciate all 80+ /r/CFB readers who donated.


This was the second year as a federally-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, OurCFB (backstory). The change opened-up more opportunities alongside more formalities.

That meant a slower process of getting funds, then distributing them:

  • PayPal waives all fees because we're a 501(C)(3). The trade-off is a delay in transfers: to save on their own fees they will send it to us in-bulk, once per month. That results in a donation that arrives late in the month each month, with the timing of the Holiday Drive, that means we get all the money by late January, then transfer it to the OurCFB bank account.
  • Dispersing funds was slightly delayed by working out which hospital was associated with Army West Point, we confirmed it with their athletic department today and the final donation was made.

All money received was split evenly between Toys For Tots and Children's Hospitals.

Donation Breakdown:
User Donations$11,457.56Via PayPal (no fees) and Venmo (after fees deducted)
Employer Matching$2,700.00As a 501(c)(3) we qualify for those programs; and at the request of a user filed with the clearing house their company uses. These also tend to arrive after a delay (this year on 1/29).
rCFB, LLC contribution$3,576.08"What is rCFB, LLC" explanation; these funds were conservative as we are about to complete a full tax year and are playing things safe.
GRAND TOTAL donated$18,000.00
Toys for Donation$9,000.0050% of total (RECEIPT)
Children's Hospitals$9,000.00See breakdown below.

Donations to Children's Hospitals

The $9,000.00 is usually divided among the top-3 most generous fanbases, but we had a tie for 3rd and opted to divide that amount between the two schools:

  • 50% to Army
  • 30% to Tulane
  • 20% split between Notre Dame and South Dakota State

Notre Dame and South Dakota State returned, joined by newcomers Army West Point and Tulane. Although 3 of these programs do not have a medical school, we were able to identify which children's hospitals their athletic/university benefits favor.

So the Children's Hospital donations were:

First place: Army West Point Black Knights

  • $4,500.00 to St. Luke's Cornwall, Newburgh (Army West Point)

Second place: Tulane Green Wave

  • $2,700.00 to Children's Hospital New Orleans (Tulane)

Third place (TIE): Notre Dame Fighting Irish

  • $900.00 to Beacon Children's Hospital, South Bend (Notre Dame)

Third place (TIE): South Dakota State

  • $900.00 to Sanford Children's Hospital Sioux Falls (South Dakota State)

  1. Thanks to all of you who DONATED
  2. Thanks to all of you who HELPED
  3. Thanks for making /r/CFB a great COMMUNITY

We did it again, /r/CFB!

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Kentucky Locker room fight leakedNews

Currently going viral on Twitter and posted by Barstool, only time before it starts getting major media attention.


There's a decent amount of misinformation about it going around, but based on the players seen it's a video from the end of last season.

The one in the skull cap is OL Jeremy Flax who sat out the bowl game and declared for the draft in early January, which now brings into question if he truly sat out the bowl game or if he was secretly suspended and told to leave the team.

While the fighting is bad but realistically something that happens on every team (usually in practice), it's the fact this video somehow leaked out that's really bad.

by walterdog12:kentucky2: :northdakotastate: Kentucky • North Dakota State
Who’s the worst coordinator your school has ever had?Discussion

For me, I would say Brady Hoke. He coordinated the defense in 2016 and let Washington drop 70 on us at home. He also let UC-Davis, a FCS team that went 3-8 that year, to score four touchdowns. The lowest point total scored against us that year was 26.

by RWBIII_22:oregon: :bigten: Oregon • Big Ten
What’s a team you have no direct affiliation with but still root for?Casual

For me it’s Utah. It started with the 2021 Rose Bowl against Ohio State that turned out to be one of the most exciting games I’ve seen and I gained a lot of respect for them. Then in 2022 when they beat USC twice which gave Ohio State the opportunity to get into the playoffs. Now I always root for them.

Edit: other teams I root for one reason or another Oklahoma State because they win me money whenever I bet on them, Florida because I think they have the best iconography in CFB, and Iowa just because it’s just a mystery how they keep on winning.

by lumpychicken13:ohiostate3: :bostoncollege: Ohio State • Boston College
What was your “I was there” heartbreaking game?Discussion

I’ve seen a lot of what’s your “I was there” game tweets the past day or so, with 99% of the responses being thrilling wins for their team. But I want to know, what is your “I was there” heartbreaking loss?

For me it’s probably watching Cam Newtons’s Heisman moment in 2010. Single-handedly dropping some of the biggest studs in LSU history on one play. Or this years Ole Miss game.

by geauxtigers77:lsu: :tulane: LSU • Tulane
What’s a team you once despised and now sort of cheer for any why? Casual

When I was in college I had a very bad experience at Texas A&M. It left a very bad taste in my mouth. Then I married my wife… An A&M fan. Was this the moment things changed you may ask? Hell no. Her parents, particularly her step father, is a huge A&M fan and who is also a massive taint. So the hatred continued and I won my wife over to cheering the corn with me. We’ve been together for 10 years and while she’ll always love A&M my petty heart loved seeing them lose knowing her step dad was going to be completely miserable because of it.

Flash forward to this year. A bunch of her family got tickets to the Texas bowl and we went with. Her grandfather, who for various reasons, (Covid and pure family size) I’ve spent very little time around was in attendance. To blend in I bought a jersey and decided for tonight I’ll make my wife happy and play along. Her grandpa was so the opposite of her step dad that it turned my entire outlook of the team around. Guy was so warm and inviting, explained their game-day traditions and even took interest in what some of ours are.

I walked out of that game saying I’d cheer on A&M as long as he’s alive because that man deserves to see his team thrive.

TLDR: wife’s grandfather made it hard to hate Texas A&M by being an all around good dude.

So what are some of Reddit’s stories of (I’ll cheer them on but I won’t like it)?

by MaterialGrapefruit17:shitilost: :southdakotastate: I'm A Loser • South Dakota S…
Past 25 Heisman Winners Ranked By Scrabble ScoreAnalysis

Exactly what the title says. I am using this online calculator to calculate my scores and name is whatever is listed at Ties go to the player with the longest name as they are more likely to hit Double and Triple word spaces, followed by highest value single letter.

-25 Ron Dayne (12 pts)

-24 Matt Leinart (13 pts)

-23 Tim Tebow (15 pts)

-22 Cam Newton (16 pts)

-21 Troy Smith (17 pts, 9 letters)

-20 Reggie Bush (17 pts, 10 letters)

-19 Carson Palmer (18 pts)

-18 Eric Crouch (19 pts, 10 letters, H=4)

-17 Mark Ingram (19 pts, 10 letters, K=5)

-16 Marcus Mariota (19 pts, 13 letters)

-15 Sam Bradford (20 pts)

-14 Joe Burrow (21 pts, 9 letters)

-13 Bryce Young (21 pts, 10 letters)

-12 DeVonta Smith (21 pts, 12 letters)

-11 Caleb Williams (22 pts)

-10 Jason White (23 pts, 10 letters)

-8 Chris Weinke & Kyler Murray (23 pts, 11 letters, K=5)

-7 Derrick Henry (25 pts, 12 letters)

-5 Jameis Winston & Jayden Daniels (25 pts, 13 letters, J=8)

-4 Robert Griffin III (25 pts, 16 letters)

-3 Lamar Jackson (27 pts)

-2 Baker Mayfield (28 pts)

-1 Johnny Manziel (37 points)

Fun Facts:

  • The conference with the lowest average score is the B1G with 14.5, while the highest is the ACC with 24.

  • 2021 was the 3rd straight year a winner was worth 21 points.

  • The runner-up with the highest score is Christian McCaffrey at 38.

  • The highest scoring letter was Manziel's Z, worth 10 points.

  • The average score for the first ten years was 17.7 whereas the past ten year average is 23.2.

  • The lowest score for any winner ever is Leon Hart at 11. The highest is Felix "Doc" Blanchard at 38.

  • The first Heisman winner, Jay Berwanger, is worth 28 pts.

by cvsprinter1:smu: :oregonstate: SMU • Oregon State
3-loss BIG / SEC team vs 1-2 loss P5 HistoricallyAnalysis

The argument that “historically” the conference bias has kept 3-loss BIG / SEC teams ahead of 1-2 loss P5 made me take a quick look at CFP historic standings. The data actually contradicts that assertion. A few 3 loss teams have snuck into the top ten but in those cases, the two loss teams behind them don’t support the bias you’re looking for…

2023 - no 3-loss team in top 10 and no 3-loss team over a 2-loss P5 team

2022- Two 3-loss teams snuck into the top 10 over 2-loss teams. Utah and KSt were ranked above 2-loss USC, Penn St and Washington. (Big Ten snub?)

2021 - no 3-loss top ten team

2020 - Florida and Iowa State snuck into top 10 with 3 losses in a screwed up partial season due to Covid. Not much to take from this year.

2019- Wisconsin snuck in at 10-3. The two loss teams behind them? Florida, Penn St, Utah, Bama and ND.

2018 - Washington and Florida were 3 loss teams. The only P5 team with 2 losses that fell behind them was Wash St.

2017 - 3 loss Auburn was #7. There were two loss USC, Penn St and Miami behind them at 8,9 and 10. The top ten “snubs” were 10-2 Washington at 11 and 12-0 UCF at 12.

2016 - three 3-loss teams at 8,9, and 10, led by Wisconsin ( Badgers seem to be the 3-loss darling of this analysis). Only P5 team with two losses behind them was WVU way back at 16.

2015 - no 3-loss top ten team

2014 - three loss teams in order #9 thru #18….. Ole Miss was #9 followed by Ariz, KSt, GT (biggest snub ever), uga, ucla, Ariz St, Mizzou, Clem, Wisconsin. No 2-loss P5 fell behind them.

I think you can make a solid argument that BIG / SEC teams have gotten the nod when losses are the SAME, but there isn’t much evidence to support 3 loss BIG/SEC teams being favored otherwise. Now if that changes moving forward, we’ll know that they show bias NOW that top ten seeding really matters.

by Sonngy:georgiatech: :kennesawstate: Georgia Tech • Kennesaw State
Uniform Concepts for Schools Without a Football Program #212: Lipscomb BisonsUniforms

Next up in this series, we head to Nashville, TN for Lipscomb University. The Bisons compete as members of Division 1’s Atlantic Sun Conference.

by Haysie95:westernconnecticutstate: :army: WestConn • Army
How does your 2024 Schedule compare to 100 years ago in 1924?Discussion

I was curious about what schools composed our schedule in 1924 vs this year. We have one common opponent in Utah State, though surprisingly Colorado State wasn’t on the schedule in 1924

What about for your school?

Wyoming 2024 Schedule

@Arizona State



@North Texas

Air Force

Boise State

San Diego State

Utah State

@Colorado State

@New Mexico

@San Jose State

@Washington State

Wyoming 1924 Schedule


Colorado Teachers (University of Northern Colorado)


@Colorado School of Mines

Montana State

@Utah Agricultural (Utah State)


@Colorado College

by amoss_303:wyoming: :notredame: Wyoming • Notre Dame
Non-conference games that were considered/rumored but never scheduled (2024 edition)Casual

(A little revival of a thread I've made sometimes over the past years.)

Y'all know that I love non-conference scheduling, and I get excited whenever FBSchedules tweets a new announcement (especially if it involves my flairs Oregon and Alabama), but we all know that not all games that have been scheduled have been played as planned (like Florida State vs. Washington in 1982, or the recently cancelled Maryland vs. UCF series)

But how about we go a step further? Games that never made it past the planning part, which remained as rumors.

Today I'll begin with an example that shocked me when I found out about it.

If many of you were here during the 2017 season where Alabama won the national championship and UCF claimed a Colley Matrix title, y'all would remember the requests for a home and home series or at least a single game involving the two schools (to the point there was even a billboard put on Tuscaloosa for the request to come true).

Well, in April of 2021, Peter Burns, an ESPN worker, said on "SEC This Morning" that the two schools were planning to schedule a game, which would have taken place in the 2023 season before Alabama filled those empty OOC spots.

Of course, UCF is no longer a G5 team, so that means Alabama will have more difficulties trying to schedule them.

Other examples include a Houston vs. Washington home and home series that was planned for 2024-25 as a replacement for the cancelled UW vs. Ohio State series, or a Penn State vs. LSU kickoff game in 2020.

But, are there any other rumored, never scheduled games I'm missing out on?

by Thomallister1291:oregon2: :alabama2: Oregon • Alabama