Idk whether to feel annoyed that they refuse to just be accurate or happy that theyre tryna balance it out and not push some diversity quota down our throats into their bank vaults

Earthbender 🗿



What be this so called doom spending ye speak of?

You'd expect that she'd get tired of dealing with unappreciative bullshit and crap like that but HAH, NO! GET FAMILIALLY LOVED, BIATCH! That's the kinda person everyone oughtta aspire to be. Kill 'em dead on the spot with kindness. This is the only flavour of angst i love


Is there a youtube channel that talks about the scps that make you go "huh??" instead of "oh god", scps that are just hilarious and absurd but aren't horrifying or eldrich in nature or a fucking toaster that makes you lose braincells. Where's my microwave that makes popcorn regardless of what i put in it?

I take it the fire got taken care of or they went to the front yard as per fire drill rules in the 5 min it took em to find and post that

??? Do most gen z not play lazer tag? I could buy a pepsi if i had a dime for every lazer tag birthday party i've been to

Don't be lasagna

Oh, the pointing again! They're screwdrivers!

Ok but why are so many celebrities just becoming p**os? Has anyone studied this?

Actually it's going vegan and planting specifically trees and only trees all over the place

ready for freddy

No need

Ah, i thought there was a dyslexic romanian man who could be connected to salty either as a funny joke or as a bit of trivia. I had 2 guesses: salty was inspired in some way by a dyslexic romanian man rev. W. Awdry or someone else knew, or some romanian dyslexic man with buck teeth and a similar personality to salty got viral somewhere recently

Named after a male doctor whose name started with g

She reminds me of vee who coincidentally is also named after a prime number

Somethin somethin pop her between her eyes whilst laughing at the insanity of eggman holding a gun

Insane indeed, what is even any of this

The fact that stark had a kid and thor the lesbian icon's only a dad by adoption makes this all the more confusing

editable tag

There's a second screenshot? Christ almighty, heal this soul

So there's no first man because the generational changes are so consistent enough that the line gets too blurry to pinpoint where exactly our current species started, and thus by technicality there never was and never will be a first man? Or is your point just about adam and i'm reading too much into this?