I'll admit to not knowing much of anything about Fallout, but it sounds like becoming a Ghoul would be at least a bit damaging to your mental health.

Arven's absence is pretty noticeable, for sure.

"I'm Ony... Onigiri."

"This is San... Sandwich."

Wonder what the dub is gonna do with Sidian and Coral.

There's something slowly coming towards us!

I didn't even see that.

Zilla doesn't count as Godzilla.

Officially, canonically.

Oh! This makes a lot more sense.

I mean, it's not as if this was only just announced.

Like today's sponsor...

They killed a bunch of adults, didn't they? And then they all cried when it wore off. Really messed-up stuff.

Uh, was panel 7 supposed to be at the end?

This guy even a real tengu? Looks like he's wearing a mask.

I mean, Jen hulks out a lot less.