A love letter to everyone here at r/worldbuilding:Meta

Your questions have helped me flesh out my world so much. I don't know how many people read my comments, but just typing them helps me. And when I do get feedback, it means the world. Even the most strange or 'boring' questions add a lot and I love reading about everyone's lore. Thank you all. I know this is short, but I really appreciate this sub.

I have no clue where to startAdvice

I've been lurking in witch subreddits for awhile now and finally want to get into witchcraft, but there's so much to learn and I don't know where to start. I've learned to do a bit of tarot reading and I have the supplies to set up a small alter, but I don't know where to go past that. Any advice?


I got two:

The Habsburgs: Incest^2 Edition

Christmas: True Crime Edition

Yep, Christian mythology is the exact same to me as Greek or Norse. I'm an ex-catholic and I kind of always viewed it like this, god was as real to me as Zeus or Odin. A lot of it actually isn't in the Bible (although there is a lot in the Old Testament which is why I usually refer to it as Abrahamic mythology). There's the lost books of the bible, Nephilim, all the tiers of angels and demons, and my personal fav, Lilith. The Ars Goeita (a book about different types of demons) is a 17th century work and although Dante's works are more or less fanfiction, they do incorporate a lot of cool mythos

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I mean a little weird but def not narcissistic. Just be careful with what you use to do it, AI training systems can spit out some weird results

Look, I am a sucker for Mando armor but I do like Tech's. I think it's a personality thing, how they're more able to be unique/modified then clone or death trooper armor

Mage Quest

Out of the Seven Monster types: Tanglemen. Tanglemen are basically if a rat king could form out of human souls and bad vibes. They are caused by someone's soul being cut out of the loom of fate by a Truese (another monster type), causing the soul to rot and infect others. Eventually, the Tangleman will infect enough people to rot away the mortal bodies and intertwine around the og host's heart. They can grow bigger in this form by dragging others inside

Out of the Half Beasts: Noctas. Noctas are slim, humaniod creatures who can pass through the veil and can walk on (non salt) bodies of water. They appear when both moons are full and dance on ponds, luring travellers into their dances and two things can happen

  1. The Noctas will tears chunks of the mortal's flesh out as they dance to eat
  2. The Noctas disappear at Sunrise and the mortal drowns in the lake from exhasution

Out of general Animals: A Donroth. Essentially a cracked up carnivorous deer

It's more of a 'when did they meet' type thing for me. It's almost always a no if one character is an adult and another is a minor when they first meet, even if they don't see eachother for awhile between first meeting and getting together

I'm also aro and I mainly just hate it for how overwhelming it is. I want to talk about worldbuilding, not sex

I feel like the Jedi system would almost result in more Sith then Jedi irl thanks to the insane amount of stress, anxiety and distrust forming from being unable to form bonds, and having not a lot of connections to the outside world

My aro ass writing romance is the same way lol

I love the batfam but you are so right. Especially Jason get defanged, he has a right to be at least a bit mad at what happened to him and how Bruce seemingly just moved on. Damian and Talia are especially bad in this, because Damian seems to be a lot more 'edgy comedy relief' and Talia is nearly unrecognizable personality-wise. I prefer the Batfam to most of the overly gritty DC movies, but this is another reason why imo the Lego Batman Movie was the best piece of Batman media

You said it perfectly. Personally, I think the Jedi and Sith were both flawed ideological systems (the Sith obviously a lot more so). The almost outright ban on strong, natural emotions (anger, hate, love) made it much easier for Jedi to fall. Maybe a happy medium between the two could exist, but I doubt we'll see that anytime soon

Shipping is the fastest way to ruin a piece of work. I'm not talking the pro/anti shipper arguments, I'm talking how easily it can flanderize characters and can easily take over a fandom space. Again, this has nothing to do with who is being shipped with who, I just feel like it can often times reach the point where that's it the fandom talks about (ex. BBC Sherlock, MHA)

Corporalki :Corporalki:

The inability to remove fiction for reality sucks to see. I liked Darklina for awhile and I still kind of do, but would I ever want to see something like that IRL? Hell no! Fiction is a safe and controlled place to read about darker/taboo topics, like unhealthy relationships and age gaps. It's like horror movies or amusement park rides: gives you the thrill but takes away (most of) the risk

I don't want to start the debate again, but Rey from Star Wars. She had so much potential and I did think the first movie was okay (all three look amazing visually) but the director's in fighting just ruined any chance she had of being a good character

They're called Lofthouse cookies and they're the shit, they taste like nostalgia