Can't wait for UMD where trying to do a +MINEYOURS will see the Guttertank just punch the mine back at you

Yeah, if Filth are now olympics-ready long jumpers I'm concerned to know what Gutters are gonna end up hitting us with lol

Not just ability loadout saving, but five slots? Niiiice

"Woe, ten thousand Comets upon ye"


Well yes, if you decide to retire it should be instant. I was referring to the timer as a whole; 15-20 seconds to decide if you want to give it another go, but if you decide you're done that should indeed be it.

Feel 10s is a bit too short, at least in an unorganized setting; 15-20 feels just right

Kinda wish there was some sort of second upgrade; just having α at the end makes it feel like there should be some β version, maybe a version that does boost the spell itself, or maybe boosts the elemental shots that are fired off or actually imbues your attacks like the description itself states

"Yes they can and it's equal parts practical and radical"

Could also end up with another story-relavent FR, like Hope's

There's already 42 Synergies, they could just have one triple for each comp as opposed to two for each double

With one of the best versions of the Chocobo theme in the game (and there's like 15)

Judging by the profile there's a good chance they're a bot, or at least are using one

Thunder bolts and Lightning very very frightening

"Yeah y'all were right we're closing the game down lol byeeeee"


Red arm implements a gun (even if seemingly just amped up blanks)

He's having his hot girl summer arc give him a break :/

Tbf Cait Sith is p much Final Fantasy's Arceus- the pronunciation has changed several times so you can really just go with whatever unless they're actually saying it in one game repeatedly (like Rebirth)

Throw coin directly up, shoot coin, take out attraction Sawblade+Nailgun and make it regret being born

goes to 4-4

"Hey I have another idea on how to bring V2 back and it's called 'well it works for cars'"

He's disguised as the save crystal