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[TOMT] Song with “Cocaine” in the title that sounds like the Talking HeadsnsfwSolved

Heard it in a dive bar, someone shazam’d it, and now I can’t remember the name of the song or band. It sounded like David Byrne singing, but it was apparently a newer band, and the song had “cocaine” in the title I believe.

[TOMT] TV Plastic Surgeon Character With Terrifying FaceOpen

I think the character is from a sitcom. Their face sits squarely in the uncanny valley. Odd blonde hair if I remember correctly. Red, taut face with a comical amount of filler, Botox, and cosmetic surgery.

The main character is introduced to the doctor by a side character but I can’t remember why. The doctor can only speak in mumbles because of all the Botox, and this leads to a humorous repeated mispronunciation of their name.

Anyone remember this?

[TOMT][MUSIC] Song with violin in the beginning (vocaroo melody below)?Solved

Heard this song before, and I know it's a popular song. I hummed the violin melody on vocaroo; link is below. Any help?

EDIT: Thank you so much for your help, guys! It's Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve!!! A couple of you mentioned that it could have been In the Hall of the Mountain King, and given my awful voice, I definitely could see that, haha.

[TOMT] [MOVIE] freshmen or younger boys are in the woods and one of them stabs their bestfriendOpen

Watched this movie awhile ago with an ex of mine and am really itching for the name. There’s a group of younger boys who are arguing somewhere and one of them ends up stabbing the other w a sword. They have to bury the body and the lead is dealing with the guilt of that while his bestfriend seems to get more lusty for killing. That one ends up trying to tie up and kill two girls from their class but the other one saves the day ish. Really really trying to figure this out without texting my ex thank you!

[TOMT] 2000s ish rock song with chorus that goes (something) me and (something) youSolved

The line repeats a lot. I think its 2000s might not be.

[TOMT] Early 2020's song often used in memesOpen

Vocaroo of The part I can remember

Please help me find out what song this is. I'm actually trying to find a specific meme but I need to know the name of this song in the proccess. Here's a link to a very similar meme but with a different song (this is the only difference) link


[TOMT] [Movie] [1990s or before] A moody teenage girl at a beach house, had a prism pendantOpen.

Let me preface this by saying this is really far-fetched.

I watched a lot of TV in the 90s and there was this movie that was on more than once, but I can hardly remember it. I'm from Argentina and this was before I learned English so I remember it was dubbed. Therefore, I can't be sure of the movie's origin (but the original language sure wasn't Spanish). It might have been an unknown straight-to-tv movie for all I know.

I remember a teenage girl living at a beach house or near a beach, maybe just moved there. The vibes were very much winter beach: cloudy/windy/rainy, basically moody.

She wore mostly black/dark clothing and she had a necklace which was a string with a triangular prism for a pendant, maybe a clear quartz, kind of like this.

That pendant was featured so there was something with it. One time she had it hanging somewhere in her room, maybe by a window, and it projected a rainbow glare.

My memory of this movie is really hazy, more of a vibe than an image, so l'm not sure if the girl was a witch and did something with that prism or if I'm just imagining this fact since throughout the years, trying to identify the movie, I might have mixed it up with other more known movies from that era of my life (The Craft -1996 and Mermaids -1990). I don't know what elements those movies might have shared with the one l'm looking for but I associated them for whatever reason.

[TOMT] website that sold fish stuff Open

Okay so about 6 months ago I was searching for some furtiger aero aqua stuff and I came across this website that sold, for example the fish rotating lamp along with a whole bunch of other stuff all for a reasonable price but you could tell the website was super old, the background was like the surface of blue water, and the header was some fish and dolphins or some of that’s sort and the left side was a skinny bar with different tabs for items they sold and the right side would display the item along with the description and price and all that. You could tell it was a very old website but the way it was formatted was similar to when people would customize their Tumblr URL back in 2010-2014 and make it all funky. If anyone has any questions please shoot I’ll try my best I need to find this website again!

[TOMT] [BOOK] Fiction book where a kid and his father live near/next to a garbage dump, but the father owns a FerrariOpen.

Looking for a book I read about 10 years ago where a kid lives with only his father near a garbage dump/in a poor area. I remember that the father owned a Ferrari but refused to sell it, because he wanted to keep up the image that he was wealthy and to impress his clients. Specifically, the kid remarks about how his father says this early on in the chapter, but if the father sold the Ferrari, they would be able to live in a middle class house.

[TOMT] [Movie] [pre 2010] about a girl that's kidknapped and locked in a box in the floorSolved

A man is left at the alter when his bride to be is kidknapped and locked in the floor. She's told she can only come out when she calls herself by another name (cant remember the name - possibly the name of the movie). She's fed through a tube, and experiences people visiting the house as they walk on the floor above her head.

After some time she is let out, donning her new name and does household chores. Eventually she's allowed out on errands, told not to break the rules a men in panel vans are always watching. They're actually just their neighbours but she believes him.

She runs into her ex at the supermarket and he tries to get answers. I can't recall what happens exactly after that but she ends up killing her captor with a claw hammer

[TOMT][MOVIE]PRE 2000] looking for a movie called "Was kostet der Sieg?"Open.

I'm looking for an austrian movie called "Was kostet der Sieg?" which came out 1980 or 1981. I cant seem to find it anywhere and it's a really important movie for me. If anyone has got some information on where to find it or even has the movie I'd be very thankful if you'd share it. Thank you!!

[TOMT][Animation][2010's] Youtube Video With Lines Growing Showing Plants EvolveOpen

I remember there was a black background and the subject was clean lines that were growing similar to leaves and creating buds and flowering and all sorts of things like that. It seemed like the video was an abstract way of representing evolution, similar to Conway's Game of Life

[TOMT] roughly 2010's missing mermaid movieOpen


This is a total long shot since I really don't remember much detail at all I was pretty young I remember watching movies on YTV as a kid there was this one mermaid movie I remember watching the few details I can recollect are there was this big giant bridge some girl falling off into a whirlpool of sorts I also remember a scene with a big giant waterfall and giant seashells and another mermaid (could have been multiple) sitting on one of said seashells I am 21 so this would have aired sometime in the 2000's it 100% was NOT Aquamarine before anybody even suggests that it was a totally different movie but I haven't been able to find it since that day I have been endlessly searching for YEARS I have looked on youtube, Internet Archive, a bunch of google search's in general I also want to say the main girl had blondish brown wavy hair (might be misrembering this detail but this is how I remember it) I don't know if she was already a mermaid or if it was a situation of her falling into the whirlpool made her a mermaid but I don't think this movie aired more than once or if It can even be found I want to say this was roughly around the 2010's I sadly do not have a title for the film but I constantly think about this movie and wonder if I can by some miracle make some more progress

[TOMT] Clothing Brand with Distinctive Leather Hem LabelSolved

I saw a beautiful (vintage?) skirt the other day. It is a red/white/navy gingham pattern with a distinctive leather label on the back of the folded over the back of the waistline hem. I have seen the logo before, and now it is driving me crazy. I think the label has the designer's name on it, but I didn't get a close enough look. Designer's name may start with "V." Any help is appreciated!

[TOMT][MOVIE][2010s] Creepy traveler, unusual body proportions.Open

I have very vague memories so good luck and thank you.

The main character was female and she was working out some issues in an isolated house, possibly her childhood home. Can't remember if she was seeing things or schizophrenic. She had a male friend that stopped by once or twice. I believe the traveler which she thought was her imagination watched her through the window and maybe came inside once while she was debilitated and he ended up being real. Can't remember if she died or lived. Thanks again

[TOMT][TVSHOW][2010] Australian TV show with fruit and musicOpen

This strange tv segment on abc 3 with these fruit assembling themselves to creepy music

[TOMT] Celebrity listened to "I'm Not In Love"Open

Hey, I remember reading a story not too long ago about a celebrity in the 80s who would almost exclusively listen to "I'm Not In Love" by 10cc during a breakup. I can't for the life of me remember the celebrity. Anyone know this?

[TOMT] [MEME/COMIC] about student loanOpen

Meme/comic format of a conversation between a student and a banker: "I want a student loan." "What are you getting a student loan?" "So I can get to a university to get a good job." "Why do you need a good job?" "To pay my student loan."

[TOMT][ANIME] An anime where MC just wants to be normal but supernatural things keep finding them, namely a person connected to the "other world" they don't wanna be a part of. Open

I'm looking for an anime that had a story like this, and it's been a long time but the main trope is someone keeps barging in and they keep just kicking them out, not interested in taking on the role or whatever..

I also think at some point they do accept but end up giving up not wanting anything to do and live their life normally without any memory of it? Anyway I'm just trying to find that again.

[TOMT][COMMERCIAL][2000s] Mustard commercial where a flying mustard bottle gives a crowd of people makeovers while they watch a sports game.Solved

The details might not be 100% accurate since I was four the last time I saw it, but I'll describe it as best as I can.

From what I remember, it starts with a mustard bottle flying to a set of bleachers full of people and drawing a mustache on a little boy. It then continues flying around and drawing all sorts of 3D accessories on people; one of which I remember being fairy wings on a little girl. The next thing I remember happening is it showing everyone in the bleachers with the accessories the mustard drew on them.

I unfortunately don't remember the brand of mustard it was for. This is all I can remember off the top of my head.

[TOMT] [Movie/TV] Window kiss?Open

I’m struggling to remember a scene in what could have been a movie or television show where one person is in their bedroom and the other is standing outside their window. They’re having a conversation about something and when the person outside the window goes to leave, the person inside pulls them back to kiss them. My mind is remembering it being two girls but I could be remembering it wrong. I think it was some sort of romance teen show or movie. Agh it’s aggravating that I can’t remember anymore details than that!

[TOMT] A children’s picture book about a pirate who falls in love with the daughter (or possibly sister) of the moon.Open

Exactly what the title says. The pirate may not have been explicitly a pirate though, that just might be what I remember him looking like. I believe the setting of the book was some sort of island, and I think they might have met on the beach? The only other thing I remember from the story is that the woman’s family comes looking for her, and I don’t think they liked the pirate at first. I also believe they had a baby at the end, but I may be mixing that with another children’s book I’ve been struggling to remember. I have no idea when it was published except that it had to have been 2003 or before as 2003 was the last possible year I could read this book. Any help at all is much appreciated.

by Slurav5
[TOMT][VIDEO][2016ish] Creepypasta Involving a Gas Station, Billboard(s), and a Gas MaskOpen

So I am making a complation of creepypastas I enjoyed for a friend of mine. I held this pasta as one of the best I heard in... about 2016, next to penpal so I know its got to be at least intresting.

Basically this creepy pasta involves someone driving on a long highway in a south western state and they pass by one (maybe multiple) billboards warning them about the up coming gas station. In stupid creepypasta main character fashion, they go there. Then this is where things get fuzzy. The attendant might not be there? Then there's something with a gas mask and then something bad happens.

It was a pasta done by a small creator I think. It took me a while even back when I wanted to listen to it again to find it through YouTube, so I know its got to be findable.

Any help is appreciated!