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Reminder: All Personal Information Must Be Masked

Hey folks,

Just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood mod team that all personal information (e.g. phone numbers, usernames, emails, full names) must be masked (blacked out).

  • Usernames exactly matching your reddit account do not need to be blacked out
  • Yes, even "scammers" phone numbers need to be blacked out (other users may contact them, which pit them at risk)
  • First names only are fine, full names are not
  • A best practice is to color code when masking (e.g. Person 1 is blue, Person 2 is red)

We typically ban users for 1 day for a first offense. Additional infractions will be handled on a case-by-case basis, up to and including permanent ban.

Happy posting and thank you for sharing your conversations! 🍿

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