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What game mechanic did you go through the whole game not using/learning?

Doom 2016. They introduced you to the BFG! I use it once than it's gone. I didn't read the text, I wanted to rip and tear!

I thought it was gonna be power up weapon found in the world. I didn't know it was a separate button like the chainsaw! Went through the whole game thinking (Well that was fun... but I didn't get to use the BFG.)

Did anybody grow up with extremely anti-gaming parents?

I don’t game so much anymore, but when I was a child I loved playing games and I had friends who were also interested in gaming.

My parents were extremely boomer-ish with games. They thought they were a waste of time, expensive crap.

We had a PS2 not long after release, but my parents were extremely against buying any games for it.

I wasn’t even allowed to have a memory card, and because my parents were boomers they didn’t understand that it was kind of essential to use one. Their reasoning was ‘I’m not spending all that money on a little chunk of plastic’

And at birthdays and Christmas time, they would completely ignore what games I asked for and get me some shitty third party game made by some basement developer. Or a dreaded movie game. Of course this was because the shitty games in my country were cheaper to buy than the new releases and first party games.

They just couldn’t comprehend that four or so games would equal the cost of the whole console. They thought that gaming was just a rip off fad of an industry. In reality, even back then, gaming is an extremely cheap hobby in terms of cost per hour.

My friends parents were a lot more supportive of his gaming interests so he had an amazing library of games which I could only dream of. I was jealous of him being able to play through and complete games because he was able to save… I had to start from the beginning every time which was tedious

I can’t wait for gtaVI to be released. I’m an adult now, and I can spend my money on anything I want 👊

What game makes you say “I can’t explain it, man, you just have to play it”?

One of my favorite “genres” of games are ones that are hard to do justice without getting into spoilers. Games where it really is best to go in absolutely blind. For me, that game right now is Signalis.

What are some of your favorites?

What's biggest exploit you ever discovered?

When I was playing dying light with friend we discovered that every timw you go to sleep and wake up air drop will appear, if you don't know air drops are pretty rare and if you collext them and deliver to one guy you will recieve lots of xp, we used that multiple times to unlock grapling hook very early. Air drops also gave lots of medicine which was hard to get in early game and that very helped us

What game has being evil paid off?

If the game lets you choose good or evil

What's the best movie based game ever made?

Right now I can only think on... Spider-Man 2 (2004), NES batman, Harry potter and the philosopher's stone and matrix the path of Neo.

Any modern games have difficulty systems like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark?

I recently got an N64 controller from Nintendo and fired up Goldeneye last night.

I forgot how enjoyable it is. Not only did the difficulty system do the normal thing of tweaking damage values and stuff, but it also changes the objectives in the level.

Found myself starting on Agent, remembering the levels and just getting my bearings. Then did the mission again on Secret Agent which adds usually one or two objectives and requires you to learn enemy layouts. Then I'd do them on 00 Agent which felt like the full real mission.

Then there were the target times on top of that where if you beat the level on a certain difficulty in a certain amount of time you unlock the cheat codes.

I kept replaying levels over and over and over and over. Which I just don't do in modern games. It's rush the story and move on, unless it's a really compelling game.

Which led me to thinking that I don't see any modern games like this anymore. Especially shooters, which have mostly become run from Point A to Point B. Are there any modern games that are like Goldeneye anymore?

edit: Resident Evil 4 Remake is probably closest I can think of. But even then it's not quite the same.