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For the gamers who played video games before the internet was widely accessible

What was the game you got stuck on for the longest? And did you ever use the gaming guides in magazines?

What's a potentially great game that was ruined by terrible game design?

My pick has to be Mafia 3. The game had incredible acting, Cinematography, soundtrack. The gunplay was satisfying, the characters were memorable, walking around in 1960s New Orleans was a delight especially when you can find playboy articles and interviews from that era and reading them gives you a unique insight how people saw things in the 60s. The game's story handled themes like greed, revenge, PTSD, race issues really well. Now on to the bad stuff. I didn't play the game at release but I heard the game was really buggy and was missing key features in the previous game like customisation, luckily the game is bug free when I played it recently and things like changing clothes and customizing your cars were added, now what can't be fixed is the game tedious pacing and mission design, in order to take over the city you have to take over like 10 districts. Each district has a boss running it. In order to take out the boss you have to take over rackets. And these get old pretty fast and the only interesting missions in each district are the final missions when you have to take out the boss. Plus the game has like 4 side activities types. So when playing the game you will absolutely love the first 10 hours and you will find the last 10 hours of the game a slog to get through. Luckily the games dlcs are really fun and add a much needed verity and side content to the game. So overall if I'm gonna give an honest review to mafia 3 I'll say it's a 6.5 on its own and an 8 if you plan on playing it with its dlcs. I feel like the developers were really capable of greatness but maybe they had to rush the game in order to meet the deadlines and the Mafia 1 remake really showed what they're capable of.

Which online multiplayer game represents peak of your gaming days?

For me was Battlefield Bad Company 2. I spent 1000 hours in it

I think semi-openworld is much better than full open world

I really like the exploration in semi-open world games and finding little secrets and it always feel like it rewards you, I really love exploring every location but open world is just way different.

I really don't like open world games at all, they are just... empty. Yes they have huge map etc. but most of the locations are just empty roads with nothing worthy. Also you can't really explore everywhere before burning out and it doesn't really feel like rewarding.

Semi-openworld games are the opposite on the other hand and it just feels better in every aspect. You have the ability to explore locations that is out of the way, find nice secrets, items, minigames if there is, side missions. And the world always feel alive since developers can easily fill the limited space.

Super Mario Odyssey, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Resident Evil 2-2 Remake and Tomb Raider Survivor Trilogy are the games I enjoyed the most just for this reason alone! The Evil Within 2 is also enjoyable for this aspect even though just some chapters were like that.

I just like exploration but it shouldn't be that huge and semi-open world is the perfect balance for it I think and more games should adapt this formula instead of going fully open world.

What video game villain/antagonist sees themselves get proven wrong?

What video game has the villain or antagonist see that their ideology, philosophy, worldview, thesis, etc. get proven wrong. Could be by another character, an event, etc.

How did they react and did they accept that they were wrong?

“Battle passes” are STUPID

I play MW3 with one of my friends mostly zombies, and I notice every month there’s some stupid battlepass and operator skins etc that all cost money. He buys literally everything and I’m not gonna tell somebody what to buy but imo it’s literally a scam. I paid $60 or whatever for the game and they expect me to fork over like 20 bucks for one single skin? I don’t get it.

I hate games forcing an online connection

Let me first off state this isn't a troubleshooting post I just find online only with games to be ridiculous and I want to share my frustration.

I cant launch Minecraft. All I get is an error saying "we couldnt sign you into xbox live" when I try to open the launcher. Its so stupid because you used to be able to just simply launch the game from the old launcher. I have it installed on my pc and everything on java works perfectly fine without ever connecting to xbox servers yet I can not access java Minecraft because you have to be connected to xbox servers to just open the game launcher. I know my problem can be fixed but my point is this shouldn't even be a thing that can happen. I've played this game for years just fine and now suddenly after no change on my end it doesn't work one day. Insane

I cant 100% games anymore

Doing everything in a video game used to be fun for me. Im sitting here playing god of war and realize i cant bring myself to get all of the achievements in this game. I beat it and lost all motivation to do anything else, despite it being fun. Any tips?

What was the best rhytm-based video game you've played?

What was the best rhytm-based game you've played? I was probably gonna say osu! was my top favorite, but recently started playing hi-fi rush and it's basically blowing my mind, so I will probably go with that.

With all the Fallout games seeing an uptick in popularity, don't forget that Wasteland 2 & 3 are amazing games that basically take place in the same universe!

In case you didn't know, Fallout is actually the spiritual successor to another game that came out in 1988 called Wasteland.

They are turn based tactical RPGs with a crazy sense of humor, well written story and huge freedom of choice.

Also the 3rd one has online co-op!

What video game has the best utilization of time travel? Which has the worst?

Could be the most interesting display of time travel or the easiest to understand in a conventional sense. Worst meaning it’s very convoluted or doesn’t make sense at all when displayed or utilized. Both up for interpretation.