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Rage Wednesday ThreadRage Wednesday

Welcome to Rage Wednesday, feel free to vent about whatever has pissed you off this week.

Things not to rage about/include in your rage:

  • Slurs and the like. Swearing is acceptable, but no need to be offensive.
  • Reddit drama. This isn't the place to air your Reddit grievances.
  • Calling out other players by name. The subreddit is not your personal army.


Here are our recurring posts:

No Stupid Questions Monday - no question is stupid, ask anything DbD-related here.

Smile Sunday - gush about whatever has made you smile this week.

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New lore??Shitpost / Meme
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Servers down AGAINQuestion

This is the second day in a row myself and my group of friends have had this issue. I’m new to dead by daylight and I’m losing my interest with how often the servers are down. Is this a recent issue or what?

What is a perk that you believe is balanced, but that you still hate going against?Discussion

I think this could be a fun discussion!

For me, I’ll go with Pain Resonance. As the title suggests, I think it’s a balanced perk that rewards constantly changing your target. If the first three hooks all trigger an explosion, that means somebody hasn’t just been triple-hooked. I think that’s nice.

However, I can’t tell you how many times I was 99.99999999999% done with a gen only for it to blow up 😩. It’s really frustrating, you know? And since I only do solo queue when I play survivor, it’s not uncommon for me to be the gen jockey who winds up eating three of the explosions at the worst possible times.

Honestly, I think PR is a great advertisement for Deja Vu. That 6% repair boost can be the edge you need to finish the gen in time.

Thank you for reading! I’d love to hear your picks.

by Overly_ThankfulCertified Skull Merchant apologist
An idea to indicate where totems spawnDiscussion
An idea to indicate where totems spawn
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