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A note about "Comprehensive Review Posts"Meta

Hey gang,

After a lot of feedback from the community, we have decided to ban comprehensive review posts from the subreddit. Before you get the pitchforks out, hear us out as to the why.

First, let's define a comprehensive review post. It's a post in which the author lays out everything they like and dislike about the game in a manner similar to a media outlet giving a review.

Okay, so what's so bad about that? Well, there are a few things. For starters, these posts have been flooding the subreddit and not really doing anything to advance discussion of the game. They're not very actionable for the devs to make changes. And they just get people fighting over the same shit every day.

But you're censoring our dissent! No, we're not. We're focusing it. You have a gripe with a particular system in the game? Make a post about that system. Break down what you like and dislike about shipbuilding or NPC interactions or inventory management or power acquisition. THAT post will drive actionable feedback that the devs can use.

If you still want to pretend you're Paul Tassi and write a 500 word magnum opus on the 10 things you wish you'd known before playing Bethesda's latest game, we recommend starting a blog OR you can just leave it in the comments.

Kind regards,

The /r/Starfield Mod Team

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Hundreds of hours in, what haven't you done yet?Question

I'm almost 400 hours in.

I have yet to build an outpost.

I have never picked up and then sold contraband.

I haven't done any research or crafting of food items.

I noticed from another post I haven't met even half of the recruitable characters in the game.

So what have you yet to experience in the game?

Are we still getting the big February update?Discussion

So Bethesda said that starting from February there would be big updates (not performance patches) including city maps and new way of travelling. We only have one day left, is it still happening?

Bethesda’s update schedule Discussion

If Bethesda is sticking to their “6 week” update schedule, shouldn’t the next large update get added to Steam beta today?

The last major update entered Beta on Jan. 17th and released everywhere on the 31st.

The next one is expected on March 12th if their schedule is still on track, which is two weeks from today. I don’t think there has been any communication from Bethesda on the next update, unless it’s coming today at some point.

Bethesda, give your robots some loveDiscussion

Vasco deserved his own companion quest and you know it. It's Codsworth all over again. Stop giving us cool robot servants if we can't ensure they'll spare us in the inevitable uprising.

by Crovan10792022
Done with Outpost until they are patchedOutposts

After a month trying to get an outpost network set up I’m done till bugs are fixed. I have been obsessed trying to get this to work and maybe it can be done, but it should just work. I’m reminded of when I I did resource farming / factory production in Star Wars Galaxies in 2003 and made millions of credits. The stuff just worked. Here I am constantly rebuilding damaged non functional outposts and getting them to run only to have them break again. I really enjoy building the network and farming the resources, but the constant maintenance is annoying.

I think the game is amazing and have been playing consistently since launch but this outpost stuff is a mess. I’ll come back to the this phase of the game when it works.