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Introducing TikTok Tuesdays! 🎵🎬Quality Post™️

Boom! Get ready to unleash your funniest TikToks because Tuesdays just got a major upgrade. From now on, Tuesdays are officially TikTok Tuesdays on our sub!

But wait, there’s a twist! You can only post your short TikTok videos on… you guessed it, Tuesdays! (so original 😜).

The rules part! 💅 Post them on any other day, and poof! 💨 They’ll disappear faster than my motivation on a Monday morning. ✨ Keep ‘em short! 2 mins Max! We already expended our attention on Reesa’s 50 parts. ⏰ All TikToks still must feature and be made by Black people ‼️ No self-posts. One word of warning! Do not post your own or your friends’ aunt’s music TikTok music 🔇, don’t cry don’t beg if you get cooked. We have some chefs in here #MalevolentKitchen. 🔥 The name of the game is hilarious! No essays, save those for your sleep stories 😴. No meme edit accounts ❌. All sub rules still apply! 🚥

So, save up all that creative genius and drop your funniest TikToks every Tuesday. Let’s make our Tuesdays something to actually look forward to besides tacos, of course 🌮.

Some homework for ya’ll

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