It's a kind of magical thinking; "everyone is good at something".

Pretty hard hearing that if you were the kind of kid who was good at nothing in particular!

We really try to focus with our kid how much work she puts into projects/activities, and talk about improvement over time. It is a lot harder though (for the parents at least) than saying "everyone is good at something".

Doesn't the officer on the left have his forearm muscles flexing though? My forearm muscles (lol I dunno what they're called) only pop out like that when I'm gripping something.

My urge to do things for people (because I'm faster) is so strong that when I want to teach, I keep my hands raised in the "don't shoot" gesture. It is worthwhile, but very hard.

I've never heard of it in California, which by population alone should make it more likely than Utah.

The only bathroom assault story I've ever heard of was that 9 year old boy murdered by an adult man in a public bathroom in San Diego. Pretty tragic, esp since the kid didn't want to go into the girl's bathroom with his aunt, who was waiting right outside.

Thanks actually to that, I had to bring my younger (and more loved, frankly) brother with me into the girl's bathroom until he hit puberty, basically (this was in the 2000s for context). One time some old fart had a real problem with it and I was like, I'm 13, I'm not allowed to make choices yet on this stuff lady 🤣. I don't know how my neurotic mother would have managed today in a state with one of these bills.

Lol, The Iron Dragon's Daughter when I was 12.

But, BUT - I realized pretty quickly this was not meant for the same age range as, say, Walking With Dragons. I picked it back up a decade later and it is one of my favorite books now.

I think this is the magic of libraries, that you get the chance to check out something that is absolutely not meant for you, but are able to come back when it is.

You know what, you understood that you were supposed to pose and gave it a shot.

My kid's first picture day picture was her just staring blankly at the camera. She asked me a week later "so when's picture day?".

It's nice thick ceramic too, very pleased with mine

I think you're forgetting about 'embarrassment'. If I were responsible for the obit of someone who passed due to say, sexual mis-adventure, I'd probably omit it... Not for me but for people who don't want their last images of Uncle George to involve auto-erotic asphyxiation.

Atherton could benefit from more normal people living there. One time we stopped in at a shopping center before a hike and within 10 minutes I got asked for shopping assistance (...I was not remotely dressed as a clerk, but I was under the age of 60), and witnessed another local denizen hitting on a barista.

Haven't been back, have met another Atherton resident since then and he also hit on women within earshot under the age of 30. It's like a sugar daddy version of SJ, is my impression.

Wishing your wife the best. Sounds like she'll crush it in sales at a different company.

I'm in a similar position (chick in a dude-dominated workplace). We can be pretty good and it just doesn't seem to mean as much when promotion cycles come around.

What I like is how they're all making a big deal about the OT they work.

They miss that they had the luck of working a job that provided OT, and apparently didn't have limits on OT. Today all those folks would either be salaried (>40 hrs expected), contractor with a "chance" of becoming full-time (presumably if they don't cost too much), or given a max OT allowance. None of this "sure sleep at the office and get paid for it" nonsense.

Thank you for bringing up this perspective.

My Mom also did the trad wife thing, in a rural area. The resulting financial stress and family dynamic was bad enough that I picked out a 'stable' (are any of them?) job off a chart in 8th grade and I've been working towards/at it ever since.

It would be nice to work a few less hours, but we've had some great time off with our little one and I never have to hear my partner complaining about how I spend "his money" (no doubt in part because I'm the Primary Breadwinner, at least for another year).

I am mainstream Democrat and fit that bill yes. Then again I'm related to someone who throws up any issue, regardless of magnitude, with Biden as a reason to vote for Trump. Both sides are bad, etc.

She's basically just like, going to vote for Trump while I receive an endless dribble of "Biden did this" for 6 more months. And she'll do that from one of those "1 electoral vote per person" states.

I mean, good for her, she'll get to protest something, or something else, by voting for #91, and then I'll get to mull over leaving US soil again. But I certainly don't feel like encouraging her along by agreeing with her in any way/shape/form about the Badness of Both Sides.

Edit: 6 months, not 5... Tired

Got something to watch on TV with my kid tonight, thanks lol

I'm just recalling all those gated suburbs with single family homes in like, Rancho Bernardo/ Poway. Like, what % of that part of San Diego county could become infill anyway?

I will say, the development I grew up in, you could move all those families across 3 miles into my current also-HOA controlled 1-block building and I think they'd be happier, lol. I'm even converting my standalone home forever boomer parents to the magic of high rises and professional property management.

So is moisturizing your skin 🤣. "it puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the vision board again"

And humiliation over in Minnesota, lol. This brings the whole "where does a bear shit" joke to a kinkier level.

The person you owe an apology to is your last English teacher. If you worked harder you would have either learned reading comprehension or how to ask for clarification... Nicely...

Wow, not only did this happen to me as a kid it is now the "absolute worst argument" as an adult. I was sharing my personal vignette about issues with hitting puberty early (and not exceptionally early), not developing some argument for Junior Debate League.

"mental benefits" - getting hit on by adult men as even an 11 year old is a social interaction you don't understand at that age, and it's deeply uncomfortable.

I like air! (Keanu Reeves, A Scanner Darkly)

To be fair, I suspect one doesn't fall off a rig insomuch as splatter on the surface of the ocean from one. That's a helluva drop!

I was told I need to go in for a CAT scan of a brand new cyst (?), ~2cm.
$1400 in-network for some pretty pictures of something that is likely (obviously not definitely) benign. I need to call them up and ask how long I can wait.