the closest thing to "you like kissing boys dont you" would be "A nê'dahn no'kaê, sa an a?" which literally translates to "you (disrespectful) enjoy those who echo your being, do you not?" so i suppose "nê'dahn no'kaê" (one who enjoys those who echo their being) or if you want to be short "kaê'dahn" (like echoes)

i do, because it's Jojo, you can't beat Jojo.

i got a ps5 this Sunday and frankly I'm very happy with it, it has bloodborne and patapon, that's games to me

sorry I was just trying to play along with the upsetting because of being called a bunny

1: theyre jackrabbits, which are an entirely seperate genus from bunnies

2: they have just as much in common with deer as they do rabbits so why are they considered bunnies (wrong) with deer antlers and not deer with hare bodies

3: a dragon isnt called a big snake lion dog fish antelope, so why should a jackalope be called a bunny with antlers?

4: jackalopes are NOT nny...

Jackalopes typically dont take too kindly to being called bunnies


heh, im unoriginal in a totally original way, my high fantasy world is inspired by minecraft story mode and terraria and now that im saying that out loud that sounds ridiculous....

how do you guys like the alignment chart for the main characters in my circlejerkpunk world?

V is just queer and autistic, it is what it is :3

Living fossils are technically denoted as lifeforms that were originally thought to be extinct, but later discovered to be extant, such as the coelacanth or the goblin shark

Post Zenith is heroic Nightingale is grimdark MTL and CYMꓘ! both take place in our universe so gilded world

i appreciate you calling Steve? by their actual name rather than "Steve" without the question mark. It's something few people remember.

sakazuki? more like sack a dookie