Just found this song and was swept away by it. It's got the electronic sound I love, but it also sounds like something that could be a lullaby, and the lyrics are sparse but interesting.

My first impression was that the sound is calming. The rhythmic vocalization could almost put me to sleep, and kind of sounds like what my mind sounds like if I wake up just before I go to sleep. I was listening to it and couldn't really understand what she was saying so I watched the lyrics, and couldn't see any real sense to them. By the end of the song, it seemed like it was referencing both the singers relationship with their mother and public servants? Mailman, military, etc. They were kind of comparing the Mom and the govt workers, I thought.

I googled it quickly to see how close I was, and according to the to result, "After a nod to the French composer Jules Massenet, the argument of the song juxtaposes personal and geopolitical disassociation, becoming a meditation on the botched rescue of American hostages from Iran in 1980."

I'm usually really bad at the whole song interpretation thing, beyond what's actually written in the text. I thought it was neat that I could get that much out of a song on the first listen, especially when very little of the song is explicit in it's meaning. I like when an artist can make even a dumbass like me kind of get what they were going for.