Hi I'm 29F and I live in a country where there are a lot of stray dogs. Think the way Istanbul has cats. I an deeply attached to dogs in general and oftentimes I come across sick puppies and I can't bring myself to ignore them. I take them home and tend to them, provide them with vet care. Sometimes they make it but sometimes they don't as there are many horrific diseases out there and due to lack of vaccinations it's next to impossible to get them healthy.

Due to this I have incurred a lot of trauma and mental breakdown but despite so I feel like it is my duty to help them. Sometimes even when I'm not actively doing this, I think of all the animals that die and it gets me triggered and sad. Btw, I'm ok with animals preying on other animals since I feel like that's just nature doing it's job and it's none of humans' business to meddle with but I can't bring myself to think the same about diseases although I'm working on looking at it differently.

I feel like with humans we can make all kinds of logic, karma, dharma, childhood trauma leading people to reach certains ends but with animals it's like "they're just innocent and they don't deserve it." So it's much harder to cope with.

Any advice is appreciated and would also be nice to hear from Dr. K about it. Please don't be harsh or graphic as I am already mentally vulnerable right now.