That's fair, but I think those folks still more commonly self-label as something short and euphemistic, like transmed/truscum or TERF/GC rather than just straight up "transmisogynist"

It's like how you're more likely to see white supremacists call themselves "race realists" instead of "white supremacist" or just "racist," y'know?

hey do any of y'all have a cup of executive function I coudl borrow thanks in advance


That's rough, buddy

I hate that I recognize the Twitter account that OOP is referencing.

Just incidentally, I've always found it kinda wild that I can (in my state) walk into the DMV, give them $14 and my ID, and walk out with a certified copy of my birth certificate.

I feel like that would be ripe for doing a identity theft, but that hasn't been a huge problem in my state as far as I'm aware.

Gazelle Backup

The Arby's down the street closed yesterday.

Well at least it's the screaming part and not the dying in 2-5 weeks part right


I think she mentioned previously about being kinda overwhelmed with the overnight fandom and it's size.

I know that after a chunk of the fandom went wild over "problematic shipping" she had to explicitly say while none of the characters are in a relationship, she has no issue with folks shipping the characters and the upset people should leave the shippers alone.

That was my thought -- up here, they're all Harris Teeters, not Krogers.

But you Aussies have beetroot burgers and ranked-choice voting and a spinoff of Taskmaster that doesn't suck balls


Fuck that maruchan shit, I'd make her the good stuff 

Have you ever seen the movie "American Pie"?

Zenless Zone Zero. It's not out yet, but there have been a few closed betas.

I managed to get into one of the earlier closed beta periods -- it's honestly fun as hell and the music is a bop

Honestly though I'd probably reword "why would you withhold that." with "why wouldn't you use it more often?"

"Withhold" just carries a bit of unnecessary connotative baggage.

To quote the popular YouTube video-essayist Contrapoints:

I mean I like anal, but the gross thing about anal is you have to eat well. I don't want to eat well. I want to shove garbage into my mouth hole and get dicked, is that a crime?

Consider yourself lucky -- it's worse on the North Island at the moment. Just the other day half a dozen wooly mammoths landed in the middle of Whanganui. Bloody mess.

:fennix: Fennix

At least personally, it's the audio more than the emote itself (incidentally also why I can't listen to YoungBoy anymore), so that suits me fine.

:fennix: Fennix

That half of Twitter wouldn't have a problem with it (the other half -- the ones currently whining about how Stellar Blade "censored" one of their costumes to be 10% less sexy than it was on the trailers -- might).

The crossed legs is to minimize upskirt shots.

Buddy, I think there's a sliiiiiiiight difference between "is the incumbent president" and "has a K in their first name"

Funnily enough, the guy isn't a fisherman, he's a retired professional tennis player who made it to the Wimbledon semifinals and now works as a sports commentator (Matsuoka Shuzo). In the mid 00's, he released a bunch of motivational videos that went viral in Japan, but the Asiatic clams one went viral among Western audiences as well.