Sure! Whats ur time?

I think i can play at 5:00PM GMT+8 but later is ok too!

18m learning how to make friends! I have a shitty laptop so i may not be able to play new games but i play team fortress 2

Dm me so i can give u my discord!

Wasnt the boobs an accident they kept in

I rlly like ga- i mean red

Nah If they lose they get dr ratio and he constantly criticise u throughout the game

Oh damn I wish it can stay in some different form

I dunno

I rlly want to know how turn that on

maybe because its a guarantee?

Its damage It displays damage instead of clash values once in a while and a consistent way of seeing damage over clash value is doing unopposed attacks

Spam the reset button until its considered a full year

Oh damn is this the copycat game that was removed but got approval with valve oh wait that one had microtransactions removed

Fibonacci's sequence strikes again!

Someone rlly hates people who says "uncletopia bad" down here