I can't decide who sounds more similar, London Tipton or Macaulay Culkin's girlfriend.

I did that for Series 1 back in 2018, after I got introduced to the site. Great first impression, very cool.

Anakin: Wow, I sure am feeling vulnerable and corruptible right now!

Sheev: *dreamworks face*

The most likely course of events is that Crowley received a picture for how Oltyx was meant to look, but didn't pay too much attention to it aside from the equipment. Oltyx swooshes his hyperphase glaive around in the books way too liberally for something connected to his back by a cable, as is the case for the model.

Meme Coven :charLego:

She’s got those Principal Krupp mouth creases.

Specifically the David Bowie one. The same one every time. the episodes are crossovers with every other show producing a labyrinth episode around the same time.

That definition of 'sorcerer' is used in Dungeons and Dragons and very few other places. It's typically the inverse, though as a general rule sorcerers are just whatever side of the 'natural vs learned magic' coin is less relevant in the setting. True mages with inherent magic matter more in WoD, so the less-relevant method of learned magic is called sorcery. I wrote a whole book about this, so I know what's up.

He's quite the pansexual panbearer, as The Great And Mighty Kevin put it.

Serotonin? In this economy?

I can confirm this law. It also lets you cast various incantations in my experience.

Bisexual :flag-bi:

It boggles my mind sometimes that 90% fully rational and intelligent people can type out the word ‘speshul’, look at the post containing it, and go “yeah, I’m on the right side of this topic”.

Patreon says the next episode's coming out in 5 days.

The lighting makes him look like he should be on the cover of TLOU2.

Damn, that red on the plates goes super well with the bronze core parts. And I love love LOVE the TG for the cracks between segments on his cape. Super good scheme design.

Anyone know where Jacob got his Gigachad music?

I've been playing it in my head as my default 'brain blast' music and I just really need this closure for whenever I want to take that feeling out of my brain.

Serotonin? In this economy?

Yes. As ultimately ever, the timelines begin and end in my favor. I will always be the victor.

Serotonin? In this economy?

She capsaicin on my habanero til I heavy cream

'Literate language' is the exact thing I was going for, you've got it perfect.

I was actually very curious when I first came up with this line about these sorts of alterations to how people speak and what rules like that apply to Nahuatl. The fact that this is relevant at all is super interesting to me, in a really good way.

To move her speech mannerisms in English to an appropriate equivalent in Nahuatl, I would likely go for high-status speech, since she tends to default to very academic speech when not very stressed out, which is what she's trying to do here.

For relative status, meanwhile, I would go for 'equal', since she's speaking to someone who she's been close friends with for several months and she isn't particularly experienced with having any form of concrete status whatsoever.

Damn, this rules actually. I'm always in for a treat when someone puts hypertext into their Reddit comments. I really love this, thanks so much for putting this much effort into my single-line request!