anything “could be” a Jewish surname, but if it’s only common in a tiny town in Bosnia with no Jews then it’s very unlikely.

Guess it’s just different on the west coast. I’m not sure I’ve ever even seen someone trying to to hitchhike over here

Very few people still speak Spanish in the Philippines and almost nobody is a native Spanish speaker

Type “Akan” (with the quotation marks) in the search bar

I might be reading that wrong but I think they’re saying 55% of people who died in the time that survey was done were cremated while 36% of people alive today expect to be buried.


A lot of Latin Americans have family stories about supposed converso ancestry. Kinda like how lots of non-native Americans claim to have Native American ancestry. I would guess that this is the type of person this (very dubious IMO) business is targeting.

that means basically the opposite thing


It varies too much to answer the question without knowing specifically what schools you're talking about. For what it's worth, my mom taught at a Jewish school serving a mostly orthodox student body and students there were considerably less advanced than I was at a public school in a good school district, but that's only one example.


It varies greatly by state. I needed to take a written test then a class that included 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours of in-car instruction. The class cost under $300 when I did it ten years ago, probably a bit more now. Plus you needed to log 60 hours in the car with a licensed adult over 21 (which tbf many people lie about) and then after all that you can take an in-car exam. There's maybe $50-100 of DMV fees too idr, but either way it's definitely possible to have more license requirements without making it as huge an economic barrier as it seems to be in some places in europe.

sounds interesting, do you have a link to the interview or remember the channel?

It wouldn't be feasible to conduct the same experiment with bears.

Foxes reach sexual maturity much faster, have larger litter sizes, and are closely related to an existing domestic animal not to mention the risk and difficulty associated with raising such a quantity of giant, dangerous, and temperamental creatures like bears.


Control+alt+F17 on most keyboards will set them to wumbo

And the Russian Kommuna is the oldest commissioned warship still in active service (built 1912). It’s a submarine rescue ship too of all things.

It says “The pillow I bought on shopee arrived”

Vernacular, dialect, sociolect, isolect

Doubt the high schoolers performing island Macbeth knew that

Bermuda and Martinique. They must’ve done a play set in the Caribbean


This comes up so often here and it’s so ridiculous to me. ‘Jew’ is not offensive. You can use it in an offensive statement, but you can use literally any word in an offensive statement. It doesn’t make the word itself bad.