agreed trapinch always i love my little guy so much

oh my i didn’t realize she had a documentary on netflix!! toni morrison is one of my favorite authors and while beloved is my favorite, sula is a close second!

this is so niche but i’m obsessed with their channel and seeing them irl is so 🥰🥵 like i’m completely normal about this

i adore ruth ozeki so much, i read this one several months ago and it just gripped me and i’m currently reading her latest novel “a book of form and emptiness” !

what painting is this? i adore it!

no but i wonder if it’s kokomo opalescent glass! my family used to own part of it and from my time spent there the shades and marbling techniques look very similar to their glass sheets! super gorgeous!

hello free user!! thank you so so much for doing something for us without member ships! i love the white highland calf they’re soooo baby!!!

this is so cute i love it OP

YES a thousand times yes i LOVED this series as a kid

this is so tough!! i love all the geckos especially the lemon lime one but recently i adore the donkey! they’re just too cute :)

genuinely one of my top 10 songs i will never not be tired of it

i’ll always remember the headline Orlando Boom to this day

i raise the one and only fox mulder from the x-files


hermaeus mora hands down with namira as a close second


just watched chinatown for the first time and the final scene has sat like a lump in my stomach since.

thank you so much!! it finally got super cold in chicago and i’ve been craving a good hood

i’ve been wanting to make a peaked cowl like yours!! what pattern did you use?! it looks so so good!

i’m in love with it ohmygoodness it’s like a roman emperor’s !!

how did this subreddit originate!? i’m so bewildered but i love it

at first i was thinking of haven in dai but then i remembered og haven town! honestly underrated eeriness in the beginning of the ashes quest, it reminds me of shadows over hack dirt in oblivion