Bro people just be saying shit huh?

I don’t get claiming a slur, anyone can say a slur, who fucking cares? If you really want to no one can stop you, everyone’ll probably hate you afterwards, context matters for that

I hoper dragona’s good for next chapter

It’s interesting to note down the specifics

I will argue this till I die, [concentrate] is better unupgraded if and only if you have runic pyramid with a bunch of deck cycle and a ton of useless cards/reflex/tacticians, it happened to me one, but it really made me appreciate how much better discarding one extra card is

The thing that I always come back to is perspective, the idea that democracy is a good system of governance is not universal, as in not written in the atoms, is it because that’s just how the world is right now? From the perspective of someone living in there, the best system is the one that works, and if the show/book/movie can convince me that it works then that is enough for me

Reminds of why I hated the avatar live action, all the characters feel so distant, it’s hard to think they’re friends

If every bottle of Vodka had a painful description of a death of alcohol poisoning, then at least it’s being honest

I think it’s great, it’s be cool if you could see him turn to sand

From the first time I saw charming man, I really thought his stand was very similar to dr wu, idk if they’re related, but I think both are rock humans

Is still have no idea what’s going on with that, Jodio called him his brother right?

Idk if it’s just typical araki making people know random facts, but he seems surprisingly capable and able to think on his own, and then he can’t understand what people are on about, love the way he’s written though

I love how trauma loop with the suit is even easier than with nothing

I love this chapter and the cover is cherry on the cake, he point

Juri? Her feet aren’t even that big (don’t ask how I know) I meant like Cammy and Ryu’s hands and shit, or even Faust’s Jays

Capcom talked about how when they were making street fighter, they made things like hands and feet huge so they can be way easier to spot and understand what’s going on, and it led to their artstyle, probably a similar thing

PS it also looks like a smear frame