I like the demon's expression in the first panel, he's genuinely so excited to see his friend

I'd love for Tumble to come back in a newer Mario Party game. Having a character that is a literal game piece as your host was such a neat idea, and that would free up Toad and Toadette to become playable characters again.

I might be alone in this, but I feel the intro to DS9 was better in the early seasons. When they changed the music to include the synth in (I think) season 4, I just found it kind of obnoxious.

What Remains of Edith Finch, the whole game is about death, and the music and ambience hit so hard.

I never understood this episode as a kid, I didn't realize until later in life how much stress and trauma can physically fuck you up. Now it all makes sense.

Voted for Bogmire, the only ghost with a design I actually found frightening as a kid.

Some of the best track selection in the series IMO, introduced bikes, playable Miis, and (for better or worse) motion control steering.

I'd argue Echoes had better level design than Prime 1 and the central gimmick of switching between dimensions was really well done, but of course that's all subjective.

I'm also gonna shout-out Corruption because it actually has my favorite level in the trilogy with Sky Town on Elyssia.

Lakitu needs to get his prescription lenses updated, he can't see the score.

I disagree, I feel Echoes is actually better than Prime 1 by a narrow margin.

For my money, I'd recommend you play the Prime Games first. If you enjoy FPS games, I personally think the Prime Trilogy is the best incarnation of the Metroid Formula.

If you say so, I always felt she was Ace, personally.

I love garlic bread too but I never thought it was because I was bi, I just assumed it's because I'm Italian

Lesbian? I wonder where that's coming from, I don't think Samus's sexuality has ever been noted.

Very cool, what's this audio originally from?

You need to stay in the spinning platforms on the dance floor and walk along the platform as it spins to keep up with the ghosts. Do this for long enough and the man will bow to the woman, at which point their hearts will both appear. Shine your flashlight at them and vacuum them up like normal. I hope that helped, otherwise I'd recommend finding a playthrough on YouTube and mimicking what you see.

Wait, wouldn't that mean Super Metroid gave Mandalorian the blueprint instead of the other way around?

I don't think that kind of show would fit Metroid at all aside from the fact that both feature main characters who are Bounty Hunters.

Surprised to see how much overlap there is between the fandoms for Owl House and Fallout New Vegas.

My gaming PC is out of commission rn, a friend of mine is upgrading it for me which is awesome, but it also means I won't have it back until next week. I hope everyone else is having fun stomping bots while I live vicariously through this subreddit.