It struck a chord in me when I heard it and its been the top name I want to name any daughter I may have.

I wish to know more about this cadence, if you are willing to share.

We are not. I got the name from an anime and this was before subtitles and tivo and smartphones. So I guessed at the spelling.

I just heard the name when I was younger and guessed the spelling. This was before I even heard of the Dragonball anime.

Its a little silly, but I got the name saiya from an anime. I only heard the name and didnt know it was spelled as Saya, so i thought the sa part was spelled sai as in the weapons that the ninja turtle Raphael uses. Heh. I still love the name though.

Daughter nanesis it a tragedeigh?

So I have a couple of female names I would like to name my future daughters (if I have any) and want to make sure they won't be a tragedeigh for them. Saiya pronounced sigh-ya Olianna pronounced o-lee-on-nah

Any advice is appreciated.

Names for future daughters.Baby Names

So I had a couple of names I been wanting to name any girls that I may have ever since highschool. I been getting mixed responses so I decided to bring it to the internet. The main one I want is Saiya pronounced sigh-ya. The other one is for if I have a 2nd daughter. Olianna pronounced o-lee-on-na.

Let the judging begin!

Glad to know you're still up and mobile. But good lordy Rock, keeping your skills up or not ya gotta let the younger guys get their hand in to get their skills up and keep your hide intact.

Fuck ups happen with friendships. I am so sorry that you had crappy friends growing up. Kids can be stupid and mean and turn on you for no reason.

Its painful when you lose the person you consider a best friend, but you are right. It is important for you to develop friends and a suport group outside of just her. It is not healthy to be dependent on just one person for your mental and emotional health.

I'm rooting for you and am very glad you are fighting the depression and suicidal thoughts. Its a hard fight but I believe in you.

May I give you an internet hug?

Yea then Cam is an asshole and you need to drop them. That is toxic behaviour and you don't need that in your life.

NTA. But for clarification, is Cam the only one doing this, or is it the whole group? Just unsure if you're using they as the singular or the plural.

NTA. Pity she is on the lease though. Check the lease and see if there is something on there that can get her out and not you because of the noise and damages her friends do. Talk to the landlord afterwards. Also audio record and especially video record how they act. Take before and after pictures of the place. Every bit of evidence you get will help your case.

Girl. What you do to get out of this is by not seeing him again. Blocking his number and other ways to contact you. Go back to seeing your mother. This guy is trying to turn you into a personal sex toy. He is NOT a good person. He is manipulating you into doing what he wants and as soon as he thinks ypu won't run away he WILL bulldoze over your boundaries.

Please stop seeing this man immediately before he harms you mentally if not physically also.


I will say that I had one boy bother me at school daily for my entire time in elementary school and I dearly wished I broke his nose. Might have gotten a butt whooping for it, but I gotten those for self defense anyways.

Well, its a good thing that I didn't. I might have seriously injured him or worse because I wanted to stomp down on his face and not just give it a kick. And at 11, I was a big girl for my age. I mean, yes I should have given him a kick, that action I wished I did, but I am glad that I didn't use my full weight to try to crush his skull flat like I initially wanted to.

I was at chruch around 11 years old when a younger boy, I think he was 7, stuck his head under my dress. Didn't know it until I heard his voice say, "You've got white underwear." I turned and looked down to see his shit eating grin as he is laying on the floor.

I held back my instinct to curb stomp his head since we were at 'church'. I told the adults and they just ignored me. Didn't stay at that chruch for much longer and made sure to start wearing shorts under any dress or skirt afterwards.

What you need to let go is him! If he can't take you to your house and wait for you to get inside your house safely, he sure as hell isn't going to help you when you get attacked.

I watched Superbad. Its literally super bad. Don't recommend to watch at all.

Sam, Dean, and Castiel. I feel safe that they won't harm me, but I am terrified of whatever reason they are there.

This post doesn't say how long the sister knew. Maybe that was what the fight was about. The wife just told her sister and they started arguing. Just playing devil's advocate for just the sister. I dont agree with the wife's actions at all.

I would pay to have The Legend of Florida Woman made.