Yep, I was familiar with the general premise of the in-universe game, but not familiar with the entirety of the story. Thanks much

I made another comment, but I may be wrong about Liberation. I had read a while back that there are references to the modern day character being male, but I’m having trouble finding the source. So, I’m likely wrong

Syndicate - some missions require Jacob Origins - Bayek Odyssey - Lenonidas (as said elsewhere) Valhalla - Odin and Basim Liberation - I had heard that there are references to the modern day character being a man but am struggling to find the source on that. So Liberation may actually hold up.

The previous post for me was this same announcement on the Smosh subreddit. Apparently there are quite a few Smosh members in upcoming Dropout shows.


Not so fun fact, every single time you have the option to play as a woman in a mainline AC game, you are also obligated to play as a male character for at least a portion of it. Syndicate, Origins, Odyssey, Valhalla, even Liberation. The only game that has required you play as a woman is AC Chronicles: China.

People always freak out over female characters and Ubisoft has never actually made a mainline AC game that forces you to play as a woman the whole time. They should have kept the Aya as the main character for Origins too.

I feel that they’re the kind of people that FATWS was satirizing with John Walker. “We’ve replaced Captain America with a guy that looks the same but doesn’t embody the actual values” would probably be a Cap they’d support. Meanwhile, Sam’s humility with filling Steve’s shoes and apprehension of supporting a regime with serious problems is exactly the kind of person they’d dislike because he’s the wrong color.

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Leap, leap, leap, leap

I didn’t watch the show but have seen this a couple times: what exactly was the roast portion? Was it directed at Trevor or his character?

We don’t know their parentage so it could still act like a recessive gene. I fully believe that it’s more of a spiritual/world thing than actually behaving like our genetics. That doesn’t change the fact that given all of the families in the shows and comics; bending behaves like a recessive gene.

From what info we have, Bending acts like a recessive trait. Bumi (Aang’s son) is the only one who breaks this mold but he also ends up fitting it anyways so….it’s mostly recessive.

I just picked up FO4 and that’s honestly half the appeal. The way the world exists without you is fascinating and triggering a fight with Raiders that ends with Super Mutants and Gunners getting involved is incredibly engaging.

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“You must be the Belmont”

(I know they’re different shows but shooting a vampire feels like a natural extension of trying to punch one).

I think it’s a take on “The Fallen Angel” painting by Alexandre Cabanel.

I’m not going to say everything’s been that way, but even back to early USA, there was a conscious effort by slaveholders to portray things as race vs. race so that the poor whites didn’t realize that they were more similar to black slaves than white slaveholders. Obviously it’s not everything, but there’s a lot out there of elites dividing everyone else.

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I usually call it around halfway through S3, right after Battle for Mewni. After that the shipping steers the show while barely acknowledging the actually interesting story in the background.

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Definite agree. AtLA does a better job by either mostly avoiding it (Aang&Katara) or just jumping to them already in a relationship (Sokka&Suki, Zuko&Mai). LoK did a pretty bad job with S1 and S2 with the love triangles, especially given how the whole series ends. The back and forth just gets so tedious.

Suburb of Chicago

Same here, just overturned a lot of dirt while gardening and they’re everywhere. They’re already pushing their way out.

This may be a stupid question but I checked it out on google maps after you mentioned it. The borders go around all of the channels in the east of Iberia Parish. Are waterways not included in the parishes?

I used to think ATLA was a positive community, until I realized that they were only that way because they didn’t have new content. The live action’s actually decent but you’d think it was the movie based on how they talk about it.

It was also notoriously messed with by Fox and they only ended up airing 12 of the 14 episodes. A lot of the frustration is how it was cancelled as opposed to that it was cancelled (but we’re still pissed about that too).

He was the Captain of the spaceship Serenity in the show Firefly. Notoriously, it was shafted by Fox and only released 12 episodes before being cancelled. They’ve had novels, comics, and even a full movie following its cancellation, but mentioning Firefly is still shorthand for a good show that’s unceremoniously cut.

It’s very funny you that you say it that way because my spouse and I were in a similar way: I was a huge fan when I was a kid, they just started now. They’re now such a big fan that we basically binged the 2nd and 3rd seasons after watching the first over a couple weeks.

Even though we started at different times, our takeaways were pretty similar. The original show is still better, NATLA did a decent job of condensing the important points, and the first half of S2 is a lot of people’s basic idea of the show. The bending gets more powerful in S2, they actually train in some episodes, and Katara becomes more assertive and assured.

It’s become a common talking point and people should really revisit the original show. Aang waterbends in The Waterbending Scroll, Jet, and The Waterbending Master. His waterbending is always tied to Katara’s arc in some way, and it’s almost never about him learning, but Katara learning. In S2, we do see him actually train in waterbending, especially in Cave of Two Lovers and Bitter Work.

The should definitely have shown him waterbending in NATLA S1, but waterbending was almost completely “Katara’s thing” in the original. After watching both shows at once, my main takeaway is that people misremember S1 as being a lot more like the first half of S2.

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So they’re missing 7 for the genitive and plurals.