Me too buddy. And my case is terminal. Good luck

I will do my best to ruin it all again.

I am constantly having dialog with voices in my mind. After every goddam thought or observation, I get commentary. Even when meditating, they talk over me. I hate them, and they hate me. I have nothing to add and no advice to give. Goodbye

I've been single for a few years (maybe more; I haven't kept track). I haven't even been looking for a partner because I am pretty worthless and have zero redeeming qualities. I hear voices, make terrible decisions, and can barely maintain myself with general upkeep. I feel pretty darn unlovable and have done some bad things in my past. So yeah. I don't have any advice but I hope things work out for you.

It's more than laughable. It's cryable, even. Losing the Library of Alexandria for one.

Sad times.

Can you give it to me? I'm tired of my mind.

The Rapture happened. All the Believers you see left on Earth have been replaced with automaton androids.

Atheist, Ex-Christian

Mine haven't D:

I liked AC2 more than the first one. But I played AC2 first so I might be biased.

I know Hell is real, and I'm not trying to get there any sooner than I need to.

We weren't even testing for that.

I say this almost every time we bake or mash potatoes.

Assassins Creed.

Got pretty far into Brotherhood and then the game glitched out and the save got corrupted. I tried to play AC3 but didn't get very far before getting bored.

They are easy for me too. I barely have to think about it anymore. I'm also often "melding" things together with my eyes. Patterns, other people's eyes. My own eyes in the mirror. For no.particular reason.

I assume I'm going to die very soon every day. I don't know if it helps or hurts. Sometimes it's annoying.