Black Manta. He killed Aquaman’s baby. And then hit him with that “hey, how’s the kid?”

Same powers as arms-fall-off kid. Not because I want them but because that’d be fucked up. Like holy shit those powers are so fucked up

Damn, upvote to scare me!

Bitch those don’t even look like spider legs, dumbass Peter as always

Eh- comics don’t really leave a lot of room between regular human and peak human. If you have “enhanced” strength/are peak human, you’re pretty much at the same level. Nat might be weaker than Cap, but not enough for it to matter in anything other than arm wrestling

Regular humans phase through gates, Kitty is the only person who interacted with the gates as physical objects she could touch


They needed to hang dong to convince him

Nope. She very explicitly doesn’t kill. She is the ultimate psychopomp, the step after killing. Death is death, it is not an action, it is a state. Without her, things can still be killed, they just wouldn’t go away after, aka they wouldn’t die. Just wander around with terrible wounds

Good point!

I just remember him being pretty explicitly an American Indian, although I don’t recall his tribe- the Apache maybe?

Waffle House. Any time of the day other than 2am or 2pm, that’s the normal time to be there

Decatur was once considered for being the capital of Georgia and the center of its railroads. Instead they went to Atlanta, which is now the biggest city in the American Southeast. Decatur is a glorified suburb.

What a strange place to put unscientific, as though you know anything about the science


You’re homeless. Your kids hate you. I hate the way you talk. I hate the way you walk.- Kendrick “Bruce Wayne” Lamar

But the kindness of one can undo the cruelty of one. How about the kindness of millions?

Life goals- kill no one. Be kind. Look fuckin amazing


This is what you did X-men writers. You made this


As we saw in Death Metal, one Batman can take over his entire world.

A million Batmans can’t even beat one Batman

The key word for changelings(in Lost) is flexibility. They’re not the strongest fighters, nor are they as powerful as mages, but they have a whole lot of different effects and they can get them more cheaply than mages. While your average mage will be better at a specific thing, ex. Elemental combat mage, a changeling can do a lesser version of that, and still have a bunch of other tricks up their sleeves.

Like the Fae that inspired them, they play dirty, and are tricky as all hell. They’re not great or weak in a straight up conflict, but unlike mages they don’t really need a ton of setup to use their full potential, and given prep they can do a whole lot without spending any resources

It’s a damn shame that Jan being a fashion designer is still an informed ability, she should have good looks not… whatever the hell most of her outfits have been

Oh no, this is new extratemporal non-genetic space mommy nonsense, this time between Hope and Jean instead of Jean and Thor

To be clear, I don’t mean music that happens to be both church and rock. I’m referring to the one you pointed out, as an active effort to fit in with the youth like a youth pastor