It depends on each individual, really. Some people are more prone to addiction in general, and some people have just the right (or wrong, I guess) situation to make a porn addiction more likely. It helps to be aware of how much time you spend watching porn and how it influences your life. In moderation, you'll be fine as long as you remember the world doesn't work on porn logic and the sex is usually very unrealistic.

I think they could use a little more, personally. Maybe a stamp with a lace pattern in white on top? Of course, it is your wedding, so if you like the nails that's really all that matters.

The voice seems to be masculine, but I guess there's no way to know this random person's gender identity

Polymer clay gives my hands kind of a weird greasy feeling. However, it doesn't get everywhere like air dry or traditional kiln baked clay does. It just kind of... Stays together better? I think it's worth getting a small pack of scupley to try out!

:NC: North Carolina

Gorgeous is similar to beautiful. There are definitely beautiful men, but it is used more frequently for women.

This is r/TooAfraidToAsk, for all the silly questions. Anyway, the answer is yes, drugs can be absorbed vaginally.

Unless they are prescribed, and sometimes they are!

Yep, the vagina is full of vascular mucous membranes! Some vaginal medications are prescribed because the vagina is the site of action (like estradiol gel for vaginal dryness) but other medications can be absorbed through the vagina as well.

God damn. Worst I've done is paint water with acrylic paint hahaha

As long as it isn't a health condition or anything, who cares? It's a penis, they all look fucken weird lmao

Your doctor should have told you, but you also should have read the label because your medication would be a new dose and that seems a bit obvious. At least now you know why you felt like shit.

Still not the right way to shoulder an air rifle, even if it is less dangerous to the user

I think a few places have, but you would definitely need to be a compounding pharmacy since it's for injection...

Minecraft Steve...

Probably not though cause in Minecraft I keep fucking dying and losing all my shit

I can't get Rabbit Hole out of my head and it's kind of driving me insane

I like it, partially cause my pharmacist is like the dad of the place. No joke, I've almost called him "dad" SEVERAL times. Also, he's the pharmacist almost all of the time, we only have someone else when he can't make it.

You found out something about what you like, and nobody was hurt. It isn't wrong, you are not less of a man. Hell, even if you liked it you wouldn't be less of a man. It's just a thing that happened, and that's ok.

Scrubs with more cotton and less synthetic fiber? Unfortunately I have a hard time finding cotton scrubs so I can't really help much... I wish I could cause I overheat too

It's been two fucking years and he still gets shot in your bed regularly? You've given him ample opportunity. At this point, I wonder if maybe he just doesn't care enough about how this affects you.

20 isn't even that bad for a big plush!!! Hehehe

People here also seem to hate it for its poor consistency and quality. As long as you avoid skin contact and always cure fully, your risk of allergic reaction will be fairly well mitigated.

I don't CARE if you're at the range, Kyle. Those earplugs were designed for autistic people, so you are appropriating autistic culture! Take those out and get hearing damage as God intended! /s

Where can I get one???

Mine was a bit more than $30, but i didn't buy it from target lol

As long as they don't take mine, I think everyone should get to experience the joy of a weighted blanket if they want to