"Transmat firing! Bring me the motes!"

While you are right that the unit parallels are there, the bots are far too organised to be compared to chaos, and chaos forces rely heavily on daemons, and the bots don't have an alternative to those.

The west has fallen, Yakub, billions must die.

It's the royal "we". As in "nobody at all".

The specific sword she gifts you is very good and Jae herself is a very good candidate for using xenos melee. It is true however that there is not quite enough incentive to pick up weapon familiarity early on because of a lack good xeno weapons. But there is some truly great stuff in commoragh which I think can be worth an origin talent slot.

Master Tactician gets resources to give others buffs every time someone gains momentum. More resolve = more momentum = more resource for stronger buffs. There are also items which grant stuff like temporary wounds equal to the amount of momentum the character gained, etc.

To be fair, Wenduag was romanceable in WotR, so they're not that opposed to the idea.

Panic button only negates block from cards I think.

Seriously, opticon walking animation is so comical. That quest when he and another tech priest accuse Pasqal of betrayal, when you start the fight and he's just "Oh no, hostilities" and starts walking away, while both sides patiently wait for five minutes.

Weapons and armour you can equip depend on the "Equipment" origin talents, like Aeldari equipment and Adeptus Astartes equipment. This power armour doesn't give her that feature, it's just armour

By the end of the game, you turn into Settra

"Rogue Trader Von Volancius, Emperor's Chosen, Bearer of the Warrant of Trade, conquerer of the Koronus Expanse, Saviour of Janus, Cleanser of Tech-Heresies, Sovereign of Dargonus, Bane of Drukhari, Survivor of Cammoragh, and so on, and so forth."

Had the same with woljif. I was doing an absolute goody two shoes neutral good angel run, and somehow I still had more demon than human points during his final quest.

You are doing god's work, brother. This will save many a playthrough from flag bugs and weird writing choices.

The fact that they aren't deleted after all this time should clue you into the fact that it's fine. The wiki has an extensive legal team, they wouldn't miss such a thing if it was a problem. And also, I would like to point you to the "Crossover" cannon hab, which is built on the premise of "what if SCP + this other media". And most of those media are copyrighted.

It's just that your comment does not read that way in the slightest. The point of the post is "Hetero romance is okay". When you say "Counterpoint", it kind of implies you oppose the point. And twitter blowing up is not the same as the world blowing up.

Only if your goal would be infinite precision. Otherwise, you can just set a minimum unit (30 meters in this case) and reach a finite answer.

I dunno, usually bait is done for the purposes of getting others mad for your own amusement. I don't see anybody else in that thread getting mad, and I certainly was more amused with the "mortality is fascism" take than what everybody else was saying.

Project Moon referenced, engaging "You should play lobotomy corporation" protocol.

Her armor is hers and hers only. Her sword is literally unusable for anybody else as it would simply turn them into shambling monsters. She fought Garion after killing an entire facility's worth of abnormalities and two claws on top of that, and still managed to pull out a draw. And an arbiter is the absolute top of the line in PM, there is literally nobody in the setting who would've fared better against one.

The topic is Martial-Caster disparity. You cannot talk about wizard spells without talking about barbarian options as well.