As someone who was actively following this fic when the author disappeared, yes. This is about Damien Wayne. Honestly, it's a great fic as well

For privacy, I can't say exactly what, but I'm waiting for my sister's volunteer event to start!

Please I need a link I need this on my blog

Woohoo!!!! I'm so happy for you!!

Closest I've got for you is this wolf hybrid au fic

Everything else I can find is for bts or one direction

Sorry I couldn't be more help!

It should be possible using mods, or by looking through the game files, though that's less fun

If you cover them in some brown fabric, like around the rim and stretching between the prongs, you could make some pretty cute cowboy hat swaps!

You both look awesome!!! I hope y'all had fun!!

Fish in a birdcage by fish in a birdcage

I have not managed to actually write something around it yet, as the fandom has been having some issues that makes it hard for me to want to write, but thankfully I'm getting back into it! Adorable zukka modern au Canon divergent platonic soulmate fic, with fun spirit shenanigans Another Canon divergent platonic soulmate fic, with lots of zuko trauma

You may be able to replace it with a site skin? I don't know for sure though, I don't really use site skins

Well I mean, the show ended in 2007. We're all still insane about it, and there's quite a few fandom events every year. I think it just depends on what the show is, and how much fanwork potential there is in it and it's ending.

Look, I would freaking love it if 'soft and cozy' horror, and specifically body horror, was used more outside of the Danny phantom fandom.

The sheer concept of loving someone changing you in a very real, physical sense, or of loving someone changing them, it's just ahhhhhhh

Also horror elements used in unexpected ways is my beloved

Please I need more of this in my other fandoms

But somehow, it's still a 'lighting issue' God this show is a Trainwreck lol

Sincerely, I love the fact that a mention of flowers was enough for you to come up with this amazing concept

What- Why??? I mean this is hilarious. But what possessed this man to do this??

Oh I love this! I've just been getting into monster hearts, and this would be such a fun setting to run!

How to dance in Ohio!! It's a musical adaption of a documentary of the same name, and the songs pretty much all center around the autistic experience !