Ah yes, let’s make the person in an online game in 2009 speak full English. That’s way more immersive. Also, I would not trust someone who speaks like that in 2009.

“Comedy [on Twitter] is legal now!” -Elon Musk

/uj bad crop sorry, i now realize i should’ve taken some comments from the original post if people were gonna be this uptight about it…

/rj how many liberals dos it take to chang log by bolb? the anser may supise you!!! tap here to add text

Koromaru is THE best boy. Loyal to a fault and wise beyond his years. Also, you can watch a documentary about wolves with him. Absolute bestest boy in the series.

the quote tweet isn’t wrong, the people in the comments saying the translation of this is woke or whatever is wrong

But no, you see, it's clearly an attack on their gigachad aryan heritage that makes me ANGER CRINGE GRRR!!!

How did I not realize they were the same voice actor. I love Boss Somnium Files.

hey maybe graphics have reached a point where they’re realistic enough and we don’t need to make every game’s production cycle be 7 goddamn years of crunch just so they can see every pore on geralt’s feet and every eyelash on joel’s eyes?!

Ah yes. Because God would be completely fine with this. C’mon, are they even HEARING themselves at this point?!

i love davy wreden so much. as well as his brother, the shit king

tally balls

as a TADC even i knew not to engage with the fandom after the fucking PLETHORA of elsagate videos of it. i’ve learned from the undertale fandom goddamn 8 years ago

They got rid of the transphobia scene? My god, I never thought Atlus would really do it…