List of all 4D Modding mods currently available on the official ModHub.News

I'm sure most of you saw u/dandoc's post on 4D Modding going after the Looney Farm Guy for a negative review of one of their trailers. Post is here if you want to look at it. This kind of behaviour is shameful, juvenile, and incredibly disrespectful to someone who spends his time doing a service to his community. Here is a link to a comment by u/TaquitoConnoiseur23 detailing 4D's response to LFG. I have enclosed a list of all 4D Modding's mods currently on the GIANTS official ModHub. I intend to go through this list when I'm at my Xbox next and remove any of the mods I might have. Support Looney Farm Guy, and shun 4D Modding. This kind of behaviour can jeopardize the entire modding section of the game.

Thank you u/dandoc and u/TaquitoConnoiseur23, and thank you LooneyFarmGuy.


Edit: A huge thank you to u/Frzy8, who pointed out that my list is in fact for FS19, not 22. My bad guys!


Reload slap, double mags, custom RDS. Love those QQ9s!

I don’t run mods, and I definitely killed him, so…

The person who told you that is a bit of an idiot. First somebody says Colter Wall is pop, now Tyler Childers? Jesus…

The B58 is the spiritual successor to the 2JZ, and the car already does sell like hotcakes, so yeah..

My guy, you posted a source and you didn’t even fucking read it! Take the L and move on, jesus.

I think it can digging in the ground for tubers

This is the second post I’ve seen after that one lmao


I killed him trying to level up the Ebony Blade, so idk

Holy shit…that is actually impressive.

Report-Spam-Harmful Bots, because 99% of the time that’s what it is.

You asked for sources, they provided some.
You go, “hurr durr, propaganda”. That’s moving goalposts, buddy.

For someone so smart you seem to move a lot of goalposts…

Nope, the burden of proof is on the person making the claim. You claim that Omega is better than Orton, you have failed to provide proof, ergo your argument is invalid. ✌️

Yeah! You can buy them from Khajit, and I believe most mercjants.