Tradovate clearly states here that Day Margin is all that’s required when opening and closing positions on the same day; positions held during closed hours require Initial Margin.

And their Day Margin for ES is $500/contract vs the $12,980/contract required to hold overnight.

Everything you’ve said rings true, but I’m not sure what conclusions to draw from it. A couple of questions, if you don’t mind:

Regarding directional predictions being problematic because they can lose money even with 99% accuracy: is this because without also having magnitude predictions, it’s impossible to know where to set take-profits and stop-losses, and therefore impossible to determine an acceptable, achievable profit factor before entering the trade?

Regarding the comments on Triple Barrier, would the alternative be entering trades without fixed TP/SL and just trying to be immediately responsive to live price action and/or order-book data to determine when to take profits (projected imminent reversal) or when to bail out?

Would you mind PMing me their info? Looking for a good small-scale consultant.

Sorry, but I’m pretty sure it’s not true that visas aren’t required to immigrate to the EU.

Can an American simply immigrate to Malta so simply, though? Are work and language not a problem?

Oh come on, man. Atheists can’t get enough of killing babies. Can’t you choose a less hypocritical hill to die on?

Besides, you clearly do not understand Christian morality. Life has intrinsic value BECAUSE it is a gift from God. That’s why it’s a sin to destroy it needlessly (murder).

But God has the right to take back His gifts. It’s not wrong for God to kill anyone; it’s in fact His prerogative.

Or—hear me out—you could just have children?!

When you quit coffee, get caffeine pills and break them into smaller and smaller pieces over at least 3 to 5 days. That’ll get you through it without withdrawal headaches.

The flesh of Christ IS Carnivore!

No, I reject your argument without your providing further evidence.

I have done extensive genealogy on my family, and before 1950 most of my ancestors had 10+ children, with the vast majority surviving. This is going back beyond 1700.

Yes, infant mortality was certainly higher than today; it was also more risky for the mother. To claim that modern science has done nothing to reduce the risks would be wrong. But the risks have never been even slightly close to having a higher chance of dying than living.

Even further, your claim that the Church has aggressively promoted abstinence to mitigate these natural risks is concerning, considering that since the 1500s significant European populations have not been under the influence of the Church, not to even mention Asia and Africa. Do you really think that natural human function is so pathetically weak and broken?

Think about what a flaw it would be for living things’ reproduction to kill a significant proportion of what is reproduced; it doesn’t make any sense. It’s based off of nothing but common modern-day myths about the past. Your claim is logically bizarre and requires factual justification to be entertained any further.

The glaring flaw with these sorts of arguments is that large families aren't intrinsically religious; they are obviously a manifestation of Natural Law because they are our natural state.

Even if you are an atheistic materialist, one must note that in the absence of powerful modern chemicals that artificially neuter a person's ability to have children, large families were naturally common and smaller families would have been the exception. Even in that nonreligious perspective, one must then aquiesce that humankind is naturally "evolved" to be part of (and later beget) a large family, and thus conclude that that state must either lead to evolutionary contentment or at least that it should not be fundamentally problematic to human mental health.

It just happens that in the present day, people who are considered to be "religious" are the only ones who believe that there is intrinsic value in accepting Natural Law and maintaining its order that is greater than the benefits of circumventing it through artificial means. But that doesn't mean that large families are a religious thing, but rather that only the religious embrace the natural state of humanity.

My (diocesan) pastor. I believe I’ve heard Fr Chad Ripperger (exorcist) say this before, too.


Latin, Koine Greek, and Hebrew possess special power in prayer because they were inscribed on the Holy Cross. Latin is also the ancient and longstanding language of our most common rite; using it enhances our sense of communion with the Saints and the Church throughout the Age.

Ah, I see… I kind of expected that might be the case, but was holding out hope that there would be a secret Craigslist market for huge amounts of small-farmer raised meat. Should have known it was going to be expensive…

Thanks! Do you know which link I’d need to follow to buy half a cattle, for example? All I could find were cuts at fairly high prices. In the US, I can buy half a grass-finished castle at $5/lb plus butchering fees.

Does anyone happen to know if it’s possible to buy quarter/half/whole shares of grass-fed beef or lamb direct from farmers, like in the USA? If so, how much do they tend to charge?

Maybe? That sounds like your own conjecture. Do you approach all classical historical texts with the same skepticism?

You should be aware that by the standards of classical history, the gospels have far more basis than many other historical “facts” that are readily, unquestioningly accepted as truth. For example, Hannibal having taken war elephants over the Alps. Go look at how robust the sources for that “historical event” are.

Just specifically about the use of the word “woman” related to Mary:

Jesus’ seemingly odd use of the word “woman” when talking to her may seem callous, but it is taken to be a direct reference to the prophecy in Genesis 3:15 “I will put enmities between thee [the serpent] and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.” (Douay-Rheims) Since Jesus is the Word incarnate, it’s not unreasonable to expect this sort of subtle wordplay.

In Biblical typology, Mary’s role is also seen as the new Eve (with Jesus as the new Adam). They are both distinctly called “woman”. Just as Eve contributed to the Fall of humanity by disobeying God, Mary participated in humanity’s Salvation by obeying God, assenting to the Incarnation: “Let it be done to me according to thy word.”

What sorts is keywords do you use to get the colors like this?

Great! After Sung Mass on Sundays at 10:30, we have Coffee & Donuts, which for this parish is more like a full-on catered lunch.

If you’d like to be introduced to folks, just send me a PM before you swing by!

If you're talking about living in Portland city itself, I highly suggest that you look into St. Stephen's in Southeast. People drive from hours away just to attend that church.

Traditional Latin Mass every day of the week, along with daily public sung hours of the Latin divine office, with two deeply faithful priests.

Another important thing to consider is that what the Bible is (what books constitute it) is not defined in the Bible itself but by Sacred Tradition.

So, if you believe in Sola Scriptura, then you have no basis for your belief in either the doctrine of Sola Scriptura or even that the Holy Bible is inspired.