It drives me crazy that cutting donuts in to 4ths "so every one can get a taste" is normal office behavior.

This is important if you don't spay/neuter they will wonder off looking for a mate

This reads like a dr. doofenshmirtz plan. THE BEDBUG-INATOR!

I read a short story about this. Humans become heroes for killing space Hitler lol

It's a tick. It is not good to have one bite you but no need to freak out unless you feel sick

It is one of life's greatest mysteries.

Where is the Christmas tree? That is the one my eye doctor used

They are sharing. You bring them food so they want to bring you food as well.

Ya not gona lie to you, it is not a good look for you

I would let him keep growing until it becomes a problem, then harvest.

They would still look mostly like dogs and would likely fill the role coyotes fill in other places