This has egg in it


Will that be sufficient?

I have no egg boi pics

Always happy to help! Also could you send me a röcc, Aggie wants yeet the pumpkin at Jemima but it needs weights after what happened with it

There's a translator for English to early modern English on lingo jam. It is imperfect though and doesn't include certain stuff, the stuff's listed beneath the translator boxes!

But either way, Thou shan't worry thyself about olde Shakespeare, for thee only need'st only to imitate, as thou ought knoweth, ye is used improperly by the populous, so long as thee can imitate the language for humor, thee art good

Now excuse me while I go back to haunting Jemima and her family in Victorian Yorkshire. Ignore whatever her diary says about a pumpkin, her husband, and his secret bf, that lass had it coming!


(why didn't I think of that?!)

I am no longer worthy to spearhead the coven. I offer you the crown

You speak the ancient tongue?

Here, free meme image to initiateth thee into the coven of Venture


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I think it's a blend of things. Energy is one, Lilith is dark, fiery, feminine energy incarnate so her taking a masculine form is highly unlikely, I assume demons with more masculine energy will appear masculine to the human consciousness in most cases. Bune probably has an equal level since they appear to practitioners as either male or female. Human perception is probably the other big aspect. Most people perceive Lilith as female due to her myths and appearances, so if she was separated from being dark fiery feminine energy and just dark and fiery, she'd probably still appear as female since that's how the human consciousness understands her, similar to how Paimon (at least to my knowledge so correct me if I'm wrong) doesn't have really any direct "masculine" domains yet still is understood by humans as male, especially with his title of King. I also think it has to do with media. Since the fallen angels are all male, most demons are going to be viewed as male as well with the exception of Succubi.

I think humans just have a tendency to unnecessarily gender certain things and this plays a big role, especially in the media: Demons are believed to be inherently violent, violence is deemed a masculine trait, Angels are entities of light, light traditionally is feminine so therefore angels are usually depicted as female/androgynous. The few exceptions also skew in unnecessarily gendered territory. Succubi are almost always portrayed as seductive tempters of men, Incubi are less commonly depicted and when they are they tend to be shown as more violent and rapey than seductive, the unnecessary gendering being some humans (usually sexist ones) innately view women as less capable than men when it comes to SA, when the reality is plenty of women can be violent and forceful and plenty of men can be more seductive and only pretending to care emotionally.

Building off this, Warrior angels are usually depicted as masculine, I don't recall ever seeing a feminine depiction of a warrior angel that was completely feminine and devoid of masculine elements (nothing wrong with masculine women of course but it's something I've noticed), similar to what I mentioned with the 'cubi, there's some double standards I think, men can be quite feminine yet still strong, same thing for women, yet depictions of angels that are also warriors tend to veer towards masculine. The only exceptions I can think of are Gabriel, one in Constantine (I think it was Gabriel) who was played by a woman for a more androgynous take, and Gabriel in the game Ultrakill, whose armor is literally a skirt and metal crop-top

Those are my best guesses as to why. Apologies for the tangent near the end, but I have a lot of thoughts and need to empty head

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What's Dwayne Johnson doing now? I don't have Twitter

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He looks like Sigma and the Heavy mated with each other

That was my friends and teachers whenever I returned to school

(My immune system is an indecisive perra so I got sick easily and often, September to February were my 7 years)

I feel you. I really love the show, but honestly the fans and the haters really need Carmilla singing into their ear about their behavior. People get harassed for liking Valentino, people get harassed for saying they highly recommend the show, it's utterly insane.

As for my personal criticisms, I really just want to see the show have a longer running time and have the characters' backgrounds play more into the redemption angle, that's it. Everything else absolutely slaps for me.

Also this is less of a critique and more of a wish-list, I want to see Viv delve into more creepy imagery at times, her art style lends itself well to horror, I just want to see more of that

Christopagan Lilithean

Things do get complicated regarding things like Vodou. But I think even then "closed" means you need to be initiated into it to interact with the spirits rather than you can never interact with the spirits within that group. It's been a hot minute since I researched Vodou though so my knowledge is rusty

Christopagan Lilithean

In Jewish apocrypha Lilith was Adam's first wife, she left Eden because she refused to be subservient and would not relent to the 3 angels sent to take her back. She was cursed to have 100 of her offspring die each day so in turn she started attacking other infants as revenge

Lilith is associated with baby death/eating in Judaism basically. Like how other religions had things to explain phenomena, Lilith was the explanation for infant mortality

True, true. I'm generally polite about people's opinions as well but there is a limit, not to mention it's low-key ridiculous since like, just look at Gloria, cheap and hooker are not words to associate with her regardless of ones opinion on the character

Seems the person you're talking to has forgotten that just because something is an opinion doesn't inherently mean it's unworthy of criticism. Or maybe they're just Claire before she warmed up to Gloria


Same, out of my chalk set, even the darkest colors like some of the purples were still pretty much pastels