I actually just learned about my article recently on a Drawfee video! Karina drew a very cute but unsettling version of me :)

no prob! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the songs after you give them a listen too, I'm always happy to share Miki around lol

girl yo pussy out put that thang away 😭😭

I actually have a playlist on YT of both covers and originals featuring Miki, nearing 90 songs at the moment :) (I try to find more originals but it can be pretty difficult since she's fallen into obscurity over the years,,)

some standout songs from the list I'd choose would maybe be these ones that are all originals:

Daybreak by samfree (I also really like his night fever song of her, Miki Miki Romantic Night)

any n-buna song featuring her (I love how he tunes her VB <3) but especially Theater Love Song and Mujin Eki

luxurious times by maya

MUG SHOT by tonbo

now idk what your reference of "ear jarring" might be so these still could be a little grating depending on your taste, but these are my favorites from what I've curated so far :)

dude same?? like I'm just really neutral on the song it's so confusing to me why it's so popular actually, like what are other people hearing that I'm not ?,,

I'm not mad but as a huge Miki fan this hurt my soul to read 😭😭 I get it tho, she's not for everyone lol

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I wanna add that after a while of typing out Mizuki it stopped looking like a name lol

their pfp being Laios really adds to this for me

and then there's foxes, who have kits (...and also cubs.. and pups)

dick noodle obviously, it's a classic

it's always fun to watch your loved ones descend into madness while consuming a piece of media lol

it's not my favorite but I LOVED Mirai Nikki when I was an edgy teen lol, haven't seen it in recent years so I don't know if I'll enjoy it as much as I did then but it'd be fun to do a rewatch :)

I've seen others mention all the shows I was thinking of already so I'll say Kingdom Hearts since I haven't seen any mention of it yet

like the first two games are phenomenal, as well as some of the spinoffs but the rest are ..oof... at best. KH3 was especially mid but I still enjoyed playing it.. (for the most part, if I ignore the Frozen world)

I did a rewatch of it recently and got to about the end of season 2 I think? anyway it was very fun and the music still slaps as hard as I remember... but I can't ignore how weirdly horny it got about the ACTUAL CHILDREN in the show. nothing like really egregious but definitely stuff that makes you go "..is this? is this necessary??" there were multiple tentacle scenes as well as multiple scenes of the female characters undressing and bathing and they're like 13 or 14 😭

...on a lighter note, pacing was another issue, but it was more funny than anything. the other characters are actively dying and Aelita is just casually strolling through the tower doing flips and tricks lmao but yeah everything else about the series was still as fun as I remember and they got better about the pacing eventually

anyway I'd love to get back into doing my rewatch, I did the thing I do where I'm like "ok that's all for today! I'll watch some more tomorrow :))" and then never touch it again 💀

I definitely recommend giving it a rewatch if you ever feel like it! it's still a pretty good series even with its flaws :)

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I guess that's fair but even the flair mentioned it was fanmade

dude yeah that was so wild! didn't know how to feel about it lol 💀

this is me with Fairy Tail 😭 I love the series to death it's my favorite anime but sometimes the fanservice can be too much, among other bullshittery lol

nah Code Lyoko has issues too, I do the exact same thing with it lol still love it tho

that's a porno title if I ever saw one, that's gotta exist somewhere lmao

me when I rant about RWBY

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idk I feel like their way is more fun lol

Evil Sim

"M̸̬̟̯͊O̷̭̦̞̽̄̅̓͜ͅŢ̴͎̐͠H̷̠̼̑́̿͘É̵͔̟͓̯̘̍̆͠R̵͚̦̰̘͆͊͑̄̚ ̵̡̻̤͖͈̃̄I̸̻̦̫̍ ̶̧̭͇̆͝R̴͈̼̀̿́̎E̵̜̞͆͌̾̋̆ͅQ̴̮̬̾̐͛̓̐ͅŬ̴̝̐̄̍̍Į̴͎̖̭͂̿͋̐́͜Ŗ̸̧̩̬̹̿E̷̹̜̼͌̂̅ ̴̞̱͚̠͖͛S̶̘̎͐͐͝͝Ụ̶͖̹̹̉S̸̯͛͂̈͘T̸̨̟́̇̐͌E̶͇͌̓̔̈́̐Ṉ̴̡̢̰̆Ạ̷̢̧̞̄̿̎͂N̶̪̟͝C̶͔̱̲͇̐̂Ȅ̸͈ ̴̛̗͂̀̂"

you still have juice in your cup drink that first

the freaky toddler: >:(

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my ears are bleeding, thank you for this blessing