Ive had mostly positive experiences in the 2 years I’ve used Instacart. Of course I get the occasional weirdness — like the lady that tied every single one of my plastic bag handles together, that was hilarious— but nothing crazy. I usually order $200-300 worth of groceries and tip $30-$60 as a baseline. Mostly just snacks and such for my 3 teenagers to demolish in 2 days. I’ve learned to reach out and tell the shopper first thing that I am available and ready to answer any questions or substitutions/refunds. That seems to prevent the issue of strange substitutions or refunding things that have a good sub available. This last shopper really blew my mind.

I’ll start with saying that she was VERY nice. But the shopping mistakes she was making were making me think a teenager was doing my shopping— and I wasn’t too far off. Starting off with her phone dying when she started the order, that was the first red flag. Of course she wanted to just speed-shop my $250 order, so shortly after I get a bunch of refund notices and eventually learn that she is, indeed, young and her dad does all the grocery shopping 🤦🏻‍♀️ Which explains why she clearly had NO IDEA how to grocery shop. After a lot of explaining, she claimed to have gotten everything and asked me to look over it to make sure. Less than 2 min later she closed out the order (as I was typing out a response to some of her mistakes).

The icing on the cake was the delivery confirmation photo. Just…wow.

I know she’s young and she was trying, but damn, I really rely on this service and it’s wild to me that she took this order knowing damn well her phone was dying and she is just learning how to shop.