Instacart Couriers and Customers

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If a customer pulls a gun on you would you report them?Discussion

In their defense they forgot they ordered instacart and thought I was trying to rob them. They didn't end up shooting me which was nice.

Can I hire shoppers personally?

Are you able to contract a shopper to work outside of instacart? Will they get kicked off for doing that? I’ve had some really great shoppers and I usually tip them $20 cash at the door plus the tip on the app. They go above and beyond to send me photos of the produce to make sure it’s what I want.

Then I get shoppers that somehow complete my entire order of 20 items in like 10 minutes and I get moldy produce, ridiculous substitutions, or half my order gets refunded because they supposedly don’t have it and they don’t even offer to replace it with something else. I always pre tip 15% to try and entice good service, but instead I get the people that show up and all my groceries reek of weed.

Why do yall just assume everyone who uses this service and other services like it are just lazy and don’t wanna drive?

Like yeah you should still tip your driver and I always do but do yall not realize that some people are disabled, don’t have a car, can’t leave because they have kids etc? I see so many people in this subreddit calling people lazy for “not wanting to drive and get it yourself” but that’s not always the case. I personally live 15mins outside of town (driving, walking it’s over 4hrs) and I don’t have a car so I have no way to get to town and there’s no way I’m walking for hours just to get some food. Like I said, you should still tip, but don’t just assume everyone who uses these services is just a lazy pos.

Edit for the people arguing semantics: I obviously didnt mean “yall” as in everyone. Thats just the term I use when addressing anyone.

NEW CUSTOMERS: GET $10 OFF YOUR 1ST ORDER (min $35, any store)

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Happy savings!

Do u have to have a Costco membership for deliveryDiscussion

Just was wondering if u need a Costco membership to for delivery through instacart? Or do u have to enter membership # when checking out? If u don’t need a membership I might have to try delivery from them.

Why does the gosh dang UI keep changing? Just pick one and stick with itRant

log in today and yet again the UI is different. Feels like they switch it up every few months. Used to have various options in the side bar like "deals" or "previously shopped items", now those all dissappeared and you just have to scroll down as everything is laid out in rows horizontally.

Also I use a desktop, not a phone so it might not be the same on the phone. Its just annoying because every time I get comfortable with the UI they change it. Hate that shit.

Order delivered by different person on the account?Help

I used Instacart for the first time today and it went fine. The shopper is supposed to be a woman but a man delivered.

The shopper is a highly rated shopper and I don't want to cause an issue for them, but if there's a reason I should say that it wasn't the shopper for my order who delivered, let me know why?

Canada only 10$ Instacart code (Valid Feb 28 2024)nsfw

Hey everyone! Just sharing my Instacart code for anyone who hasn’t made their first order yet and wants to get 10$ of free stuff. Groceries are expensive when you’re in college.


Instructions: To activate go to the 3 bar menu top left

Track Credits and promos Add promo or gift code

Do 100% of tips go to shoppers?

Do 100% of tips go to shoppers? I use Instacart all the time. I’d like to know how my tips are passed on.

If I put a $10 tip on an order, does 100% go to the shopper who delivers the order? Or does Instacart take some? Does Instacart reduce base pay if I tip well?

After tipping the standard amount in the app, is it better to give any extra in cash?

New to Instacart. Info

Hello! I’m new to Instacart. Kinda. I’m waiting acceptance still. I do DoorDash, Spark, and Uber Eats. I personally like to believe I am a kind, quick, and nice driver. I accept everything given so I can always get the most and the best.

But since it’s more so shopping than anything else, which I don’t do as much, what should I be prepared for when doing this? Things I should avoid or jump at immediately? Im also 21 so anything regarding Alcohol deliveries would be amazing too. I’m in the Western CO region of that helps at all. I just want to be prepared for when I eventually start (I’ve been waiting since last November/December I believe.)

Capital one 11% off

If you have a C1 card check the app and check benefits it should pop up.

But you need to use the website not the app.

So use the app to set your cart up if it's easier then the site to finish the order.

Are you getting free +? And through which card?

So I no longer have + (roommate moved out)

I always see 3 months with MasterCard world elite offers

Or free for 12 months with my chase card

I have bothm

I was considering getting the Amex gold just for the free + on top of the $15 monthly credit. Sounds like it may be worthwhile.

Since it lapsed I've been mostly using Amazon.

I should mention 99% of the time I'm just ordering stuff to be delivered to my mother using her EBT card.

With Amazon there is no additional cash charge to me. With instacart in paying at least $10 in fees in cash. Not that I mind spending money on her, I pay her rent after all as well.

Are you guys taking advantage of any offers I may not be aware of?