Friendly reminder that Instant Action is included in EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II just like the originals!

We all saw the posts and disappointment from the Battlefront Classic Collection that just released, but whenever somebody suggested checking out the EA titles, I saw a lot of people bring up (incorrectly) that they couldn’t jump into a bot match on the large scale maps and just have fun like the original games. I can hardly blame people for thinking this. For anyone that played at launch, the game had a very disappointing selection of offline bot modes and only a few maps. 2 and a half years after release and many, many updates to the game, EA’s Battlefront II has exactly what some are asking for from the series; a full fledged Instant Action mode just like the original games, completely playable offline with bots. This is the 5 Flag (Command Post) Conquest mode made popular by the Battlefield series.

13 large scale maps from all 3 Star Wars eras are available in Conquest mode. Matches are completely customizable. You can choose the difficulty, the match length, whether AI Heroes are included and how many are on the field at once, same with ‘Special Troopers’ which include infantry like Droideka’s and Republic Commando’s, and whether you want AI ground vehicles on the field or not. If you haven’t played since launch, you’ll find new maps have been added to the game (completely free) such as Geonosis, Felucia, and Scarif, new Heroes/Villains added such as General Grievous, Obi-Wan, and Count Dooku, and even things like trooper/Hero skins and random time-of-day/weather on certain maps.

The other popular Battlefield mode, Rush, is also included under Instant Action (called Missions in this game) where you lead an attacking team down a more linear path of capturing a couple points at a time, progressing further through the map as you do so (or lead a defending team). A few large scale maps like Endor, and even a completely separate Geonosis map from the Conquest mode version, are only playable in this mode.

Even the disappointing offline launch mode (Team Deathmatch on small variants of maps) was updated over time from only 6 maps at launch to a total of 17 maps (some of these actually aren’t available in Instant Action like Bespin, Jabba’s Palace, and the Kashyyyk treetops). 6 Starfighter/dogfight maps were also added. This mode is also playable in splitscreen on consoles of which I have used many times. There’s even a somewhat short story campaign that takes place from the end of Episode VI to the beginning of Episode VIII that’s worth a playthrough.

It sounds like I’m advertising for this game, but truly I just want to share my love for it. It’s currently $20 on PSN and regularly goes on sale. There’s an insane amount of content for that price. I’m constantly surprised by how many people don’t know that Instant Action is a thing in this game. On the other hand, I get why people dropped this game after the disappointing launch and why one wouldn’t keep up with updates to it after that. So this is my PSA. I really do encourage fans of the originals to give it a shot. It’s one of my favorite games to fire up and just have fun in the Star Wars universe with a bot match or two. Feel free to ask questions or share your thoughts on it!