I really like the exploration in semi-open world games and finding little secrets and it always feel like it rewards you, I really love exploring every location but open world is just way different.

I really don't like open world games at all, they are just... empty. Yes they have huge map etc. but most of the locations are just empty roads with nothing worthy. Also you can't really explore everywhere before burning out and it doesn't really feel like rewarding.

Semi-openworld games are the opposite on the other hand and it just feels better in every aspect. You have the ability to explore locations that is out of the way, find nice secrets, items, minigames if there is, side missions. And the world always feel alive since developers can easily fill the limited space.

Super Mario Odyssey, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Resident Evil 2-2 Remake and Tomb Raider Survivor Trilogy are the games I enjoyed the most just for this reason alone! The Evil Within 2 is also enjoyable for this aspect even though just some chapters were like that.

I just like exploration but it shouldn't be that huge and semi-open world is the perfect balance for it I think and more games should adapt this formula instead of going fully open world.