Bad Roommates: Tales of Irritation

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I am hiding the sugar. A vent.

When my roommate moved in we initially told him that we understand the first bit of a move can be expensive we didnt mind sharing some communal things. I even told him that I was fine with some things being communal if he was okay to replace it once in a while. Things like sugar, milks, creamers xyz that become big space takers when there's multiple.

Fast forward to almost a year he never has replaced anything he has used and when he does replace it he buys it for himself keeping it in his cabinet. Which is okay, I don't need him to share with me


He is cooking and notices the sugar is out (I haven't replaced it because my diet has changed pretty significantly and I don't use it like I used to.) He turns to me and asks. Hey do we have sugar. I very dryly reply. No. Because in my mind you've used it and it's been empty like it has for a minute and can replace it. He says. Oh. It's okay.

I buy sugar today, it's going in my cabinet.

He's on his own.

roommate is causing me major food insecurity

just to preface, i’ve made a couple posts on here before about this roommate, but this is a new issue.

i (f20) live with my roommate (f20) in a small apartment. we usually will split our groceries and keep everything communal (unless one of us buys something specific for ourselves) because our kitchen doesn’t have enough room for everything to be separate. this system has worked pretty well until recently.

recently, she’s been causing problems by throwing out food long before it goes bad just because she “doesn’t trust it”, even if it looks fine, smells fine and isn’t past the expiration date. she constantly doesn’t seal food correctly and causes it to go bad. she never uses bag clips, doesn’t seal ziplocks, and will take off plastic or tinfoil covers from leftovers and not recover them. due to this, i also constantly have to throw out food that goes bad because of her not sealing it.

she also is terrible at grocery shopping. i normally do the shopping, but i haven’t had the time recently, so she offered to go. all she brought home was a few days worth of junk food; boxed mac and cheese, frozen chicken nuggets, energy drinks, frozen pizza. no fresh produce, not a single vegetable in sight.

also, whenever i make food for myself, she always asks if she can split it. she only asks this once i’ve finished making it, and since i made only enough for myself, there’s not usually enough to split. i’ll try to tell her no and she’ll say she just wants a few bites, and then will proceed to eat half of my food.

now, because of all of this, im having major food insecurity issues. whenever she leaves the house ill end up overeating because it’s the only time i know she won’t pester me for food. i always feel like the second we get fresh groceries i have to eat it as fast as i can before she throws it out or causes it to go bad by not sealing it. i feel like i have to be secretive with my food and binge-eat to prevent all of the above issues.

i have talked to her multiple times about all of these issues, but she doesn’t change. even if i buy food and tell her specifically it’s only for myself, she’ll ask if she can have some repeatedly until i give in. it’s truly like living with a toddler.

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Roommate

I love this sub, makes me feel not as alone in my shitty situation. I share a house with three other people. The girl I share the floor with has:

Backed into my car, lied about checking for damage before leaving (it was damaged), and never apologized for it

Regularly leaves loads of clothes in the washer without actually starting the wash, for DAYS AT A TIME, fouling up the machine with her stanky, stagnant-ass clothing, forcing me to either do her laundry for her or manhandle her gross soiled clothing out of the machine so I can use it

She cooks all the time, elaborate meals, and won't wash her own dishes until a week or so later. We talked to her about this countless times, she just refuses to change.

If the toilet paper roll is empty, she will not replace it or throw the empty roll away. What usually happens is I walk into the bathroom to find the new roll on the edge of the counter, right next to the holder which is still holding the empty roll...

Knocks things on the floor and will not pick them up. She knocked my razor into the tub and rather than pick it up, left it there. It congealed because of the moisture strip and I had to toss it

She will also turn all the lights on in the house and go into her room and close the door without turning the lights off behind her. Every fucking day.

This whole experience has definitely inspired me to move out into my own place as soon as this lease ends. Fuck this bitch for real.

ETA: When she does miraculously reach the drying stage of doing laundry, it will then remain in the dryer until the next person who needs to use the machine comes along and has to pile it on top of the dryer for her. The pile on top of the dryer then becomes her dresser for the next week or so 🤦🏻‍♀️

New roommate refuses to flush (I just need to vent)

At the beginning of February we had a new person move in, the guy we rent from didn’t tell us he was moving in until the day of, but that’s a whole different story.

Me(f26), my husband(m22) and this new guy(m20) share the guest bathroom in the house. I would go in there and almost every day he was just not flushing the toilet after he used the bathroom. I didn’t say anything the first 10 times it happened, but I’m not his mom so I shouldn’t be responsible for cleaning up after him.

I started telling him to flush the toilet after the 10th time I had to do it for him. He would get defensive and angry but he’d do it. I even got the homeowner, who’s friends with the new guy, involved because it was getting to the point where I was telling him to do something so basic every other day. Then last night it happened again, so I told him to go clean up after himself. He yelled at me and started an argument. For context, I’m the one that cleans our bathroom because he just refuses to do it and my husband works 12hrs a day. New roommate yelled at me over some dust in the bathroom and called me disrespectful for asking him to be respectful of the space he shares with other people. He told me I ask everything of him (flush the toilet, keep it down at night because everyone in the house wakes up at 5am except for him) and I’m being ridiculous.

When my husband got home he went and talked to him and he just lied through his teeth about what happened. Luckily the homeowner’s girlfriend was in the kitchen with us when the argument started and she filmed it all, but the new guy is just adamant about me being the problem.

He doesn’t yell/argue/get angry unless it’s just me and the homeowners girlfriend at the house. The day before yesterday he also yelled because I told him to stop hurting the homeowners new puppy. I am terrified to be here alone with this guy, I’m also starting to feel like I’m in the wrong lol.

Roommate from Hell any% speed run world record

Now that this shit show is almost over I think it’s finally time to tell the story of my latest roommate situation. This is like the fastest that anyone has gone through all of the shitty roommate phases and gotten out, and I’m finally getting out ahead of the situation now that I know better.

My former best friend (25f) and I (29m) decided that she should move in when her lease ended at her other place. We had what I thought was essentially the perfect platonic friendship and spent most days of the week together and would frequently have sleepovers at each other’s place, so I thought the move would be relatively natural. She was a high functioning alcoholic, complete slob, and heavily neglecting to take care of her dog (leaving it locked in his cage, never walking him, letting him get into human food), but I thought I had a handle on what I was getting myself into, figured I’ve never been so great at keeping my own place clean and I’ve been wanting a dog for a while so I looked forward to caring for him the way he should have been. Well about a WEEK before the move in date she tells me she went and looked at a different place and was just going to do that. I was like completely befuddled and taken aback not just by the impulsiveness of it and lack of any sort of plan but that she would screw me over like that on such short notice. When I gave her the cold shoulder she could tell she messed up and apologized and said she’d just continue with our plan, but that was with only a couple days to spare before she had to move out, so I grilled her on what she had planned for the move and how it was going to happen (we had talked about splitting the cost on the moving truck about a month prior, etc) and she gaslighted me by saying “I thought you said you were going to do that stuff for me.” It was clear I was going to have to handle the entire move and coordinate everything, and honestly the move went relatively smooth, we didn’t have time to make a stop at the storage unit and so the things meant to stow were “momentarily” put in my living room. The thing that got me though is that she had a plan to go to a friend’s party that same night and was literally prioritizing going and getting fucked up more than her own move. This is the tipping point where her entire personality shifted and I saw a completely different side of her than I ever witnessed in the entirety of our friendship. To start, she just covered every single surface area of the kitchen and living room with boxes of her things, and immediately after moving in just sort of disappeared for a week to party. I think she slept there maybe 3 times, so nothing got so much as unpacked. A week or two goes by and things start to settle in but she basically only comes home a few nights a week, very drunk, and one night she just starts raising hell screaming at me for “ruining the move” and starts blaming me for essentially all of the reasons that things weren’t done. I mean, she didn’t even start to pack her things until the DAY OF THE MOVE and she blamed ME for her not getting her deposit back. At the time I literally would have gone to her place and done it for her and I made that clear that it was not even remotely my fault. She screamed at me for the fact that I was between jobs (I was waiting for my next one to start which took about a month of interim where I had to do odd jobs to get by) but I assured her it wouldn’t affect her financially whatsoever. Nothing I could do could get her to stop yelling full volume (all the way through 4am) and it was clear she wouldn’t listen to reason so I just stood my ground and exercised my boundaries. I think this is where she realized that I couldn’t be manipulated, as I’ve been a victim of narcissistic abuse my whole life and thankfully have come a long way to identify it and stand up for myself. She never tried that tactic again except for one more time which we’ll discuss later. We talked very little after that, and though we did have some good engagements and it seemed like our friendship was still in tact, she would come home on those infrequent times she would stay there and just order me around that there were dishes in the sink or on how to take care of her dog. The AUDACITY that someone would harp on me about how to care for their dog when they didn’t even do it themselves and had never formally even asked that I do so is still baffling to me. I wasn’t exactly bothered by it because I loved the little guy and him and I quickly became fast friends, walking him was a great way to clear my head and it was just nice having a little buddy around the house. It felt like a losing battle though because he was not house trained and had only been locked in a cage, my home was becoming inundated with piss and shit from a sick dog with failing organs, so the most god awful smell a creature can create, but I did my best to give him the life he deserved.

Things go by like that for a couple months when she decides to go out of town and take her dog with her. This is a pivotal moment in this entire engagement. I don’t know where she went but I know she has a tendency to binge really hard when she parties and get really belligerent, and it’s my firm belief that the dog got into and ate some drugs. When she got home the poor dude was projectile vomiting and couldn’t keep food down and he was so weak he couldn’t even get up and go for a walk. She basically threw his cage in the house and dipped, didn’t even put down a puppy pad so the smell was so bad you could smell it down the block. She wasn’t coming home no matter how much I demanded she come fix it (no way in HELL I’m cleaning that shit up) and eventually his health got so bad I called her and said that she needed to take him to the ER immediately. Upon doing so, they need to evacuate his bowels and do a whole bunch of surgery to resuscitate him, roommate is hysterical and seeks the company of her ex that used to beat holes into her walls (and her honestly). The next time I see her, she starts the screaming and gaslighting tactic again blaming me for why her dog is going to die, because I “never would listen to her about how to take care of him,” etc. I am like pretty distraught myself because I loved the guy and when she could see how upset I was it seems like that broke through to her and calmed her down. In the aftermath, her mom flies out to take care of the dog, while she just continues her antics of disappearing to party after work. By the way, her mom is like the coolest, sweetest, chillest old lady I’ve ever met in my life, I had to fly out myself to take care of my dad after surgery and before that had to practice for a screamo show I’m playing, I apologized like “I’m so sorry about my music I know it’s awful to hear stuff like that,” but she was just like so supportive and said she actually liked it and it’s cool how passionate I am about it. Basically every time she would have the dog out in the common areas she would comment about how much she could tell he loved me, he would basically stare at me longingly, but I couldn’t take him for walks or play with him like we used to, I felt so bad for the poor guy. She also remarked about how her daughter was never there asking where she was and what she was doing, to which I honestly just didn’t have a good answer. When my roommate DID come around though, I was APPALLED to see how she treated her mom. She was ugly and rude for absolutely no reason and just did the spoiled princess act. That’s when it all made sense, and where any bit of respect I had for her or feelings of friendship died. There’s no excuse to treat someone like that, especially when they just flew out to care for your animal while you go sleep around. I flew out for my own trip, and was EXTREMELY happy to find that her mom confiscated the dog and took it back with her when I returned. I still really miss him and am constantly heartbroken and depressed about what happened.

Another month or so goes by with little to no contact, save for when she would randomly drop by and like showboat around the house bragging about how in love with her coworker she is. A while later she tells me she’s in a serious relationship, and I was like “oh with that coworker you told me you were in love with” and she just goes “oh no a different one.” (Lmao) Basically from there she just disappeared and doesn’t come home whatsoever. She’s still paying so I have zero qualms. There was an incident where her boyfriend added me on social media and called me frantically saying he had to have her removed by the police, the next day she comes home with some random different dude and sleeps with him (lmao). Shortly after this she gets fired and tells me she’s just gonna take the time off and that she’s just doing drugs all day every day. Mind you, she STILL has not unpacked anything from the move and I had to shove shit in her room and off to the sides of the common areas to make way.

She texted me a couple weeks ago saying she was moving out the first of March, she’s sort of randomly dropped by the house at different times and remarked “oh I didn’t think you’d be here,” and she’s like disingenuously telling me “oh I’m having a celebration and you’re really important to me so send me your work schedule,” (no I’m not lmao). It’s very obvious she’s trying to get a feel of when I’m there so she can sneak out (probably with some of my stuff). Through her own negligence and failure to work with our leasing office she never even got on the lease so they helped me change the locks in case she tries something cheeky. If she doesn’t handle things the way I want them handled and removes her belongings in a timely manner I can file a squatters eviction and have her things thrown out. I’m really feeling at the top of the world right now because a disgusting thorn in my side is getting removed, and FINALLY in a shitty housing situation I have the upper hand, agency over my things and my own autonomy. If you’ve read this far I hope you enjoyed the drama.

Update! I’m moving out.

So I (F19) am a freshman at university, dorming for the first time. I posted earlier that my roommate expects me to basically look out/after her. She told me the university won’t let her dorm alone because of her unaliving attempt last semester after her former roommate moved out. This turned out to be a complete lie. I met with an RA to request a room change bc her constant need for validation, inability to understand boundaries (takes them as personal attacks) and NEED for us to be friends and for me to like her has been ruining my mood and focus when I am studying or relaxing from my very intensive workload. She is essentially hyper dependent on me to look after her and coddle her like I’m a parent and not also just a teenager with responsibilities moving out from home for the first time. I have been very uncomfortable by this dynamic, do not engage with her first (she still engages with me constantly and doesn’t get the hint), she broke down sobbing, drunk after I asked her a few times not to walk on my carpet with shoes on to manipulate me into validating her that I wouldn’t move out like her last roommate. Well! This RA heard me describe her behavior and told me that this is exactly why her former roommate moved out and that she would move me ASAP and that the issue is being moved to higher ups who will counsel her!

Roommate’s room is a biohazard what should I do?

Normally I have never cared about what a roommate’s room looks like. But my current roommate’s room is a biohazard. Every time they even slightly open their door, it stinks up the whole apartment and it’s a strong scent. There’s food and trash everywhere in their room. I’ve seen fruit flies and house flies that are a result of the trash and food. They never really fully moved in like getting a mattress frame or emptying boxes/suitcases. Also has never done laundry in the months since moving so I think that is contributing to the smell. It seems that they get new clothes every time something is dirty.

They don’t contribute to any house chores but have also been mostly in their room the past couple months. Before that they were sleeping on the living room couch every night and I was starting to feel uncomfortable by that because I go to work in the morning when they’re asleep so I just felt very restricted to move around. And the couch was also starting to smell ripe and there were food wrappers behind the couch. I did bring it up to them once and said that I wanted the living room to be a hangout space and for it to be accessible to both of us and I don’t think that we should be sleeping here every single night. I was worried they we avoiding their room by making the living room her bed. They kind of agreed and closed the pull out couch back to the regular couch but still kept sleeping there. Then when they were away for a few weeks, I brought my tv back into my room from the living room because I wanted to watch more tv. They’ve been sleeping in their room since

Now the actual part of this question, I need advice on how to approach them regarding their room. Is it even okay for me to feel that they need to clean their room? I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable by me asking this. I really like them as a person and enjoy their company but I really am bothered by their room being a biohazard with months worth of food/trash/clothes. Is it okay for me to offer that I help them with it one weekend and then after that we can set up a weekly cleaning schedule for like 1 hr where they clean their room and I clean mine so they have company.

Roommate smells really bad

Hi! i’ve had this issue for the whole year and have reported it to the RAs who pretty much told me nothing can be done. i’m in an apartment with 3 21-year-old sorority girls and a random girl. the random girl is 27 years and clearly has mental disabilities. my guess would be Asperger’s. i don’t care about that, but she cannot take care of herself and doesn’t shower, brush her teeth, or even brush her hair. the apartment is constantly smelling soooooo bad to the point where i literally gag and find myself avoiding it as much as possible. also my friends refuse to come into my apartment because of the smell. i truly don’t know what to do, i have the windows open 24/7 but it doesn’t do much and i feel it isn’t my place to tell a 27 year old to wash herself. i reported this to the RA and the leasing office and they talked to her about hygiene but she didn’t listen and it still smells foul. i know it’s her because when she leaves on the weekends it doesn’t smell anymore. i’m not really sure what else to do so i’m asking reddit. i’m desperate at this point and need ideas.

also the 27 year old roommate only has one class on zoom so i’m not really sure why she’s paying for the apartment. i don’t think her parents want her in their house? it’s honestly really sad

edit: hi! okay so i’ve read all the comments and thank you so much for all the feedback! i will say that i was uncomfortable with the idea of telling her directly because one time i told her to lower her phone that was really loud and she threw a tantrum that kinda scared me and my roommate. that’s why im a little on the fence about talking with her about this but ill give it a try!

also! the more i read, the more im starting to realize that she’s being neglected and needs actual help, instead of just being thrown out of her house. her parents don’t help her and i think there is a safety issue at this point. she has mental breakdowns where she cries and hyperventilates about three times a day in her room, which puts the apartment on edge as well. i just wanna make sure she is okay and wont harm herself, on top of the hygiene. it just breaks my heart. i know it’s not her fault and im upset her parents put her in this situation. she should have never been living in a college apartment to start with. i’m not sure who to contact about this.

Roommate won't stop smoking marijuana inside

Pretty much the title. I can't stand the smell, and she will not stop due to her "anxiety". We do have a balcony she can smoke on by the way. Is it worth asking her to smoke outside only again? And until then, does anyone have any recommendations for how I can make the house not smell like pot?

Thank you guys

Roommates creepy boyfriend

My roommate is out of town for at least a week, probably two. (It’s like day 3 she’s been gone) and I don’t feel safe with her boyfriend here. He invited a girl who is over 20 years younger than him over the other night and I caught him saying some creepy shit to her in our living room (basically shared his sex life and complaints about my roommate) the girl looked scared. So I sat in the living room and cut the conversation. Shes only 3 years younger than me. She ended up sleeping in my room with me. He was pissed. I got bombarded with texts from him about how she’s gonna have a threesome with them as soon as he asks my roommate. So I need to back off and not be her friend because it’s his guest. The girl is a neighbor. She and I hung out last night and had both had a rough day. He literally flipped out on me via text again. Tried to get me to make her leave and come “talk to him” about it…

The girl informed me what I missed the first night before I realized he had someone in our living room. He spent over an hour tell her about how inadequate my roommate is to him, and how he wanted me to have a threesome with them but my roommate said no. And because I am a “prude, rude, cold bitch”. He bout to meet a rude bitch.

I started googling last night. Found a variety of criminal charges. None sex but some violent. I texted my roommate and asked her to call me because he’s making me uncomfortable. But asked her not to say anything to him until she gets back because if he finds out I said something I don’t know what he will do.

Update: talked to my roommate and she is pretty devastated. Waiting on her response now

Update: roommate has decided he will be kicked out when she returns home. We are afraid to try to kick him out when I am alone with him in case he gets violent. Thankfully my friends are helping me out and staying with me as much as possible

Emotionally Exhausting Roommate

Hey all! This is my first time posting in this sub.

Basically just looking for some advice/strategies to help make my situation a bit more zen.

I, 25F, and my girlfriend, 27F, have been living with one of my close friends for about 2 years. At the start it was great because I was excited to bring some new energy into the house, and also excited for lower rent since we would be splitting it 3 ways instead of 2.

As the years have gone on, it has just seemed to become a more and more exhausting situation. She is single, and constantly talking about all the different boys she meets, and very quickly getting attached and when it doesn’t work out we hear about it for weeks and weeks. I totally understand it not working out being disappointing, but hearing the same talking points and complaints over and over and over again is exhausting. I try to give advice, be compassionate, and generally just be there for her but it is exhausting to always be that person for someone, and it be expected not appreciated .

Furthermore, and more importantly, she is not respecting the general boundaries of living with an adult couple. She often jokes she is our “third” and generally inserts herself into our relationship. Some examples of this would be coming into our room unannounced after we have stated we are going to bed, or just coming in without knocking. She has walked in on us ~doin it~ several times and it always so uncomfortable. What bothers me even more though is the insertion of opinions, and kind of playing both sides of my gf and I. Ex) calling my gf lazy if she forgot to do the dishes or leaving a light on on accident. Or just generally blaming my gf for things not getting done around the house (which I know for a fact she does plenty). Or when I am complaining about my recent back injury bothering me, and I say doing a certain chore atm would hurt, she will roll her eyes to my gf behind my back. She would never say these things to our faces though which is the frustrating part. This makes both my gf and I extremely uncomfortable because it feels she’s almost trying to pit us against each other? idk I am just feeling very exhausted by her expectations and the two-facedness.

I would like very much to avoid this being a big confrontation but I am starting to feel a lot of resent towards her because I feel I can’t speak my mind without it turning into a fight or getting passive aggressive responses.

I would love any thoughts or opinions!! Thanks so much!

Am I wrong?

TLDR cause I don’t want to write to write the full story since it’s a ton of little shit. I’m tired of my roomates calling me useless just because I don’t want to be there maid. I never leave dishes, I VERY RARLEY leave any trash in common areas, like a single napkin(they leave open soda cans every where every day and still expect me to clean that stuff) I expressly bought a $700 roomba to vacuum the house they say it doesn’t count because of the 2% of dust/dirt it leaves in come corners. I take the trash to the curb and back every single week for 1 1/2+ years now. But still anytime they have a “bad day” they go on this martyr act of “ IM THE ONLY ONE WHO DOES ANYTHING IN THIS HOUSE” and I’m pretty fucking tired of it.

What are some of the craziest comments/remarks you have received from self-unaware roommates?

I’ll write down a few of my own. They would carry more weight with more context, but I want to keep it short, so I’ll provide just the absolute necessary. These are all with the same person.


We both started as university students, but he dropped out and started working after two years, which meant that for summer I went home while he was staying in the apartment. When I went back to the apartment at the end of summer, it was a complete mess. He wasn’t there for the weekend I arrived, so I decided to thoroughly clean up the place. When he arrived, he said the following: “We should keep this tidiness.” to which I didn’t say anything but gave him a “Duh, I’ve spent my entire weekend on this. Of course, I want to keep it.” look. Then he followed up with this: “Well, you’re a messy person, so I wanted to make sure.”

2.) & 3.)

A little geographic context: We are renting in city A, I’m from in city B, He is from city C. City B is in between A and C but it’s closer to C.

He is a complete leech. He literally can’t do anything by himself, and he is financially illiterate. He is constantly asking for favours and “borrows” my consumables followed by the “I’ll buy you them back” phrase for formalities but I hope it’s needless to that it has never once happened in our four years of living together. It is important to note that I have never asked for anything in return while I was doing some pretty heavy lifting like carrying two semesters for him during online education, bringing his sister her stuff and buying her food while she was in city A’s child hospital as he “didn’t have time for these”, and most recently he went to a birthday party in city C but left the present in the apartment in city A and he didn’t have enough time to do the back and forth between A and C, so he asked me if I could bring it to him. He said that I would be the biggest lifesaver ever. It was getting late, and I don’t have a car, but I did it anyways. However, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to come back to city A that day as there were no trains coming back that late, so I decided to bring my laptop with me so I could go home to city B and do my work after giving him the present in city C. The following day I came back to the apartment but realized that I left my laptop’s charger at home in city B. I asked him if he could pick it up for me as he was coming back later that day, and he literally goes through city B on his way back. His answer was: “if you thank me with a pizza”.

That was the first ever time I asked him a favour. I declined the offer. The second and last time was offered by him. I wanted to get a ticket for an event, but they were sold out quickly. He told me that he knew someone who worked at the box office who might still have some. I told him that I would appreciate if he asked that person. Before any phone calls were made, he had told me the following: “You better start thinking on my compensation”. I would have declined this offer as well, but the person didn’t have any tickets left.


On his financial illiteracy, I don’t believe that if you make more than someone then you are obligated to pay more or that you can’t ask for favours, but when I’m making peanuts as an intern yet still making ends meet while he’s making double the median salary and still leeching off of me by hitting me with the “can you give me …? I’ll buy you them back.” question multiple times a week it becomes infuriating. How can someone be so shameless? And I swear, the more money he makes, the less likely he is to make ends meet. But my favourite part that he has an expensive car and goes everywhere with it while city A has excellent public transportation for dirt cheap, he orders food all the time, smokes expensive cigars, goes to private lessons in various activities but on the flipside, he is stealing soap and toilet paper from the restrooms of shopping malls. I don’t mind people living expensive lifestyles if they can afford it, but this is just ridiculous.

As a result of the previously mentioned lifestyle, he has very few clothes. If he were to wash all his stuff at the same time it still wouldn’t fill the washing machine to half of its capacity, but when it’s separated by colour it ends up being like two t-shirts per cycle and he starts multiple of them a week as he iterates through all his clean clothes in a few days. This drives the water bill up to heaven. One day I came home form the gym and I was preparing to take shower when he told me the following: “I think we could cut the water bill down if you showered at the gym.”


The post is getting long so I’ll squeeze just one more in to crown it. He was asked to assist an old teacher of his from elementary school to take a class to a class trip. When I asked him why he was picked he replied: “Because I’m a good person”.

What are some of your experiences?

Roommate and his annoying girlfriend

I need to vent about this or I’ll just end up screaming irl.

I live with three other people. The first two are decent-ish and I got along alright with the third one until he got a girlfriend. We all liked how quiet our apartment is until she started coming over every day. And god is she fucking loud. Never takes her shoes off so she’s always stomping around in giant boots. Is ALWAYS laughing at something. I live on the other side of the apartment, I shouldn’t be able to hear her two rooms away. And it’s always late too. I’m talking like I’m awake till 3am because they are loud as hell. Not to mention every time they’re hooking up I can hear her loud and clear.

No amount of melatonin helps. Can’t afford good soundproofing headphones. Every time I text him to please shut the fuck up because it’s 1am and I don’t want to wake up to loud laughter that sounds like a pig being slaughtered or her fucking moaning he just leaves me on delivered. I’m at my wits end and do not know what to do. Our lease isn’t up for another 4 months. I’m not allowed to sublet. No idea what I can do. Help?

Roommate IssuesSerious

Hello! My roommate and I are graduate students. She’s 23 and I’m 22. Last semester was the first time we lived together and it was totally fine. This semester we moved off campus into a house and as the semester progressed we’ve just had more and more issues.

She’s friends with this other girl who’s 25 that I don’t like because she is drama. The graduate program we’re in means we’re in all the same classes and labs. Since becoming closer with this girl they have become extremely cliquey and make me feel terrible about myself. They exclude me during class case discussions and leave me out all the time and say snide rude comments.

My roommate has also turned into a terrible friend. Recently, she was dealing with a lot of boy drama and I was there to talk and help her through all of it even though it placed an emotional strain on me. I’ve realized over time while I’ll go the extra mile for her, she won’t do anything for me. It seems extremely selfish. I have helped her time and time again without expecting anything in return but this past week I have needed the support and she’s been no where to be found.

We also got a cat together and all the responsibilities of the cat have fallen on me. I made his vet appointment, I feed him, I clean the litter box, etc. This is extremely frustrating because I wasn’t the one who wanted him in the first place, and all the responsibility for his care fell on to me.

Currently, I just have been avoiding them and sitting and working with other people during class and labs. Already, I feel so much better just not being around them. Our lease doesn’t end until December.

I’m not sure if I should confront her or just let it be and do my own thing. Any advice would be appreciated.

I can't do it anymore!

I'm a freshman in college and I'm living in my school's arts dorm. Before the year started, I met my now roommate and had an ok impression of him. I was so wrong.

Last semester (for the first half of it) things were ok. He was a bit sloppy and left food around, but I'm an artist and I have paintings and art supplies everywhere so I can't judge too hard and I'd just remind him. That was fine for a while. As time went on, he would just stop cleaning, leading to this semester...

He straight up no longer cleans. Today we have a room check and he told me that his side of the room would be clean by last night. It is not. Not only did I freshen up my side of the room, but I also deep cleaned the entire bathroom. I had to clean shit stains out of and off of the toilet (from him) and I had to clean the nasty sink which he said he would take care of.

I have told our RA about my issues with him (at the beginning of this semester) and he still has not met with me. This is seriously starting to take a toll on my mental health.

Roommate has guest over and sorta annoying

One of my roommate had a guest who stays in their room and it seems they are living there for a while. The thing is this persons prescence is felt as they are constantly in the kitchen/common room and they chat a lot with two of my roommates a lot and are loud and I always hear their convos. My room is next to the living room so I am sorta annoyed

Anything I can do?

My roommates and laundry

Hi! So I’m mid-twenties female and live with two other women that are also around my age. I didn’t pick these roommates, it was a random placement from the apartment complex. However my two roommates are best friends. We’ve lived here together for around 7 months. I have never had any problems with either of my roommates aside from them stomping around and slamming doors which I haven’t said anything about, I just adjusted my volume level to theirs which is petty but I’m not very confrontational. Onto the issue: My roommates do on average 2 to 3 loads of laundry a day which doesn’t give me anytime to do my laundry. I have asked time and time again when they will be done because I have a lot of laundry that needs to be done. They always say “after this load” so when their load is finished, I’ll put mine in, and when mine is in the dryer, they’ll start doing another load. I genuinely don’t understand how someone would need to do so much laundry but it’s getting to the point where I have an insane amount of laundry that’s built up that I can’t do because they are constantly doing it. So, what would be your advice? I’m thinking of sending them a text in our group chat to let them know I desperately need to use the washer and dryer for a long time but I’m not sure how to word it so I’m coming to y’all for advice. I’d like to keep the peace if possible but at this point I’m just pissed.

Unclean roomie

I have just moved into a sharehouse and one of my roomies makes a huge mess when she is cooking. I’m talking sauce all over the counter and leaving stuff without washing it off. How do I tell her to clean up after herself? It is gross and I don’t want bugs

my roommate threw out my tubberware with food in it

i got home from work and i had plans to cook and then clean up the apartment. i looked in the fridge and basically all my food is gone. my roommate cleaned the fridge and reorganized it. i was looking for my rice that i was going to reheat and i noticed that none of my tubberware was in the fridge. i had two of them- one with curry and one with plain cooked rice. the curry was a little old and needed to be tossed. well, both are gone! i checked EVERYWHERE in the kitchen and now i only have 1 of my 4 tubberware containers.

feel free to read my other posts abt said roommate. ive been off reddit for awhile bc im just trying to ignore her existence but when she takes my things i just get so pissed off. shes impossible to talk to, literally. will ignore me straight up. locks herself in her room all day when shes not at work. im just getting so fed up

Am I in the wrong ?

So I live in a tiny three bedroom apartment in manhattan and my roommates are really starting to get to me. I want to know if I am overreacting or these are valid reasons to be upset,

  1. We have two towel racks and one roommate kept his in his room. My roommate keeps hanging his towels over mine instead of the empty peg. I don’t want to wipe my face with a towel next to one that touched his ass .

  2. My roommate has the biggest room yet uses out tiny common area to put all his shoes and now uses one of the kitchen chairs to hang his jeans . This makes it look really cluttered. It’s really starting to get to me.

  3. Roommates are always in the kitchen . They spend 4 hours cooking and eating and use all the burners so nobody else gets to use them. There is also only enough space for one person to cook. He takes both the morning and night so I have no time to make my meals.

  4. Roommates takes two hour showers and I have to hold in my pee for hours because we have only one bathroom . He then hangs his towel over mine despite having his own peg.

  5. They have so much trash that they use a bag a day. I put very few items in but guess who takes it out everyday ? Me . They will let it overflow if I don’t take it out and refuse to do it. I have never seen so much waste being used in my life.

I am moving out Sunday but these things have gotten to me the whole time here. I just want to know if I am crazy or are these things really annoying? I get the roommate life is getting old and wish I could afford my own place.

Horrible, Lazy, Alcoholic roommate.WARNING - Gross

Oh here we go oh this is going to be feel right.

I have a 48 year old roommate that I'm renting out this one small bedroom for $800 per month.

Anyways, the roommate that I'm living with is one of the people my grandma knows, but oh my god living with him is just. I don't know how to describe it.

So, as you can read he is lazy as all hell. The entire living room is dusty as fuck, he is too lazy to get a new filter for the air purifier for the 4 cockatoos that he has. The cages are filthy, filled with poop, and looks like he hasn't cleaned them out in years.

He wakes me up at 2:30 in the morning, blasting his music to the point where I can't sleep alongside waking up the birds which scream to all holy hell. He drinks 7-8 even more beers at night, and sleeps all day. Only to be up at 12:00 in the morning. Also, he lied to my grandma and told her that he has stopped drinking, but like hahaha you should see how many cans are on the broken stove.

I have to get up for work at 8:00 AM mind you. The kitchen has a stove with only one working stove top, the others are broken. He has a refrigerator that is leaking, he says he needs to get it looked at but, he states himself that he is too lazy.

He actually admits overall he is lazy. Mind you I'm pay him $800 on which he said it would of been more for me because he had a bad relationship with his girlfriend. On which, if you have issues renting out your house, that you don't own, but rent. Why are you allowing someone to rent out the room

Also, the one thing that almost made me slap him, was the fact that I was doing laundry. One of my underwear fell on the floor and I didn't know, well he told me, and I'm like "okay I will get it when I get home from work." Only to find out he cleaned up the leak that was from the refrigerator WITH MY UNDERWEAR. LIKE HE FULLY ADMITTED IT.

I'm like...oh my god. I just. I'm moving. I really am, I'm looking for a new roommate because I can't deal with this house, the screaming birds waking me up at 3-4:00 in the morning. I just.

...Lord help me.