Welcome to ai Art!

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Welcome to ai Art!ANNOUNCEMENT :megaphone:


Welcome to ai Art!

While artificial intelligence artwork can be contentious in some circles, there is no denying it has come a long way from the early creations and the results are stunning.

A few points of note and areas of interest:

  • Our monthly ai art contest is active and stickied at the top of the group
  • r/aiart rules are outlined in the sidebar
  • The ai Art maker MEGA list is available HERE
  • The like-minded sub group MEGA list is available HERE
  • Find us on Discord at - https://discord.gg/h2J4x6j8zC
  • For self-promotion, please post only HERE
  • Looking for more debate around ai art? Check out r/DefendingAIArt and r/aiwars
  • Have a question, comment or concern? Message the mod team in the sidebar or click HERE

Thanks for joining us :)

-MOD Team

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