The Best and Worst of TikTok

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"Why is this subreddit called TikTokCringe if there's no cringe?"

There's lots of cringe-worthy content posted here. Click the "Cringe" flair link above and see for yourself. We believe it doesn't get upvoted or posted as much as everything else because since the creation of this subreddit, TikTok has really evolved. People are a lot more creative on the app nowadays and don't just lip-sync and dance, which is what this subreddit was originally created off of.

"Why did you start allowing all TikToks? Mods lazy."

For why we began allowing TikToks of all kinds, please read this post. It should explain everything.

"Can I upload my own TikToks here?"

Sure! Be sure when uploading your own content you always use the "OC (I made this)" flair. Not using this flair on your own content will result in a 30 day ban. It may seem like a stupid punishment for something so little, but this helps prevent spam and blatant self advertisement. On top of that, do you really think someone should be able to call their own TikTok "cringe?" Doesn't make any sense. Rules like these are what keeps up the quality of this subreddit.

"How do I post TikToks here?"

First, read all of our rules before posting anything. To post a TikTok here, you must save the TikTok in the app, not copy the link. We do not allow links of any kind here. If you would like to share the link to the TikTok you uploaded, feel free to comment it on the post you made, even though this is not required. You can save TikToks by holding down on the video in the app and pressing save. If there's no option to save the video, there's alternate ways such as clicking the "add to your Instagram story" option which you can then download, or emailing it to yourself. After you save the video, simply create a video post here with the desired TikTok, add a title and flair, and then boom. You're done.

"Why is there an automod comment on every post and who the hell is u/BotOrMiss?"

We need an automod comment on every post to explain everything you just read. Our subreddit name does not match it's content, and it can obviously be very confusing to new users. Some people still miss it somehow, so if you see someone that did, be a good Samaritan and point it out to them. As for u/BotOrMiss, this is our bot that basically just replaces the automod comment on any post that reaches the top 1000 of r/all. The bot notifies me because I like to pay attention to and moderate these posts especially. You may also see this bot comment on your post if it was removed because of our removal system we use.

Feel free to ask any further questions you have and we'd love to hear your suggestions. We're always looking for ways to improve our community.

Welp, that's it. If you actually read all of this, we appreciate it and owe you a huge thanks. We hope you enjoy your time spent here and get to know our wonderful community.

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