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Megathread: Conflict in Israel and PalestineMegathread

From time to time a story catches the world's attention in a big way - and leaves us with questions. The violence in Israel and Palestine in October 2023 is one of those stories. It leaves us asking many questions, like:

  • What is happening in Israel?
  • Who exactly are the good guys?
  • What's the goal of these attacks?
  • Is this the start of World War 3?
  • Why does the US provide support to Israel?
  • Why do many left-wing people support Palestine? Why do many right-wing people support Israel?

The problem is that many of these questions get asked repeatedly. That's a problem, because it can make it hard for other interesting questions to get the attention they deserve, and because our users get tired of answering the same question so questions don't always get good answers.

When this happens, /r/NoStupidQuestions makes a Megathread that is stickied at the top of the sub. All your questions related to Israel, Palestine and the current conflict can be asked here - just write a new top-level response to this post in order to ask a question! Non-question top-level comments will be removed, sorry.

Megathreads are part of /r/NoStupidQuestions and follow the same rules as the rest of the sub. We know that this conflict can be emotional for people, but we ask that you remember the human and be kind to each other. Insults and hate speech (like calling for genocide or calling one side sub-human) will get you banned.

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Why do doctors insist that I ask questions but get annoyed when I finally ask them?

I recently got surgery. I've noticed the medical staff always insist that I ask questions. Then I say "no I don't really have questions you already answered all of them, I'm also not that anxious", and then they insist. I say "I don't know". Then they're like "are you suuuuure?" and then I finally ask a question like "what did you put in my body to close the incision?" because I knew it would stay in my body after the surgery. The he got annoyed and was like "I used a machine." well duh. He finally told me I had a titanium clip. There you go. I asked question. Sorry it was the wrong question.

They insist I ask questions but get annoyed when I do.

Now I'm going to see the surgeon again and I want to ask how he knew I had endometriosis during the surgery but I feel like I ask too much questions. He referred me to a gynecologist so maybe he told the gynecologist?? I hope he did.

Am I missing something?

Should restaurants be required to disclose an automatic gratuity prior to seating?

I recently dined at a restaurant with the family over the weekend. After the check was dropped off we noticed there was an automatic 20% gratuity on parties of 1 or greater(🤔).

I feel that is a slimy tactic and should have been disclosed for customers before ordering.

What are your thoughts?

Do dogs understand that we’re taking them for walks just for their leisure?

Do they think we’re on an important journey to do something and they’re just tagging along? Do they even have any thoughts on this?

Dads of Reddit - should I look when my wife gives birth?

My wife is pregnant and is likely to deliver soon, I’m going to be in the room and supporting her as best as I possibly can. However, there is one thing I truly cannot figure out - do I take my peek or avert my eyes?

I’ve read and spoken to several people who have mixed reviews on the matter, from “it’s beautiful” to “I’ll never unsee it.” I know it will likely be a split (pun intended) decision but just wanted to hear others thoughts?

Note: My wife does not care and finds this whole conundrum hilarious

How do i tell My girlfriend i cant have sexnsfw


i love this girl, she is amazing and turns me on like nothing Else

however, i have a really right foreskin, where If i try to insert, it rolls Back and starts cutting off blood from The head, and is just generally painful

im trying to get it treated, but healthcare is incredibly slow here so it could up to half a year

how do i bring this up with her?

I started my period when I was 10 years old. Does this mean in caveman times I would've started getting pregnant and giving birth at only 10?nsfw

I know nature is cruel but 10 years old seems so young to give birth. Not to mention I was already a really small frail kid, can't imagine how weak I would've been without 3 guaranteed meals a day. In caveman times, before developed language or society or morals came into play, would girls as young as 10-12 really have started having sex and giving birth? It seems rather non beneficial for the species to have such physically frail mothers considering birth for homo sapiens is already so painful and taxing on a woman's health

Is George Santos the funniest thing to happen to US politics?

I’m not American but i’ve been following George Santos and his controversies for a few months now and that man is absolutely hysterical. Everytime he speaks it just feels like i’m watching parks and rec and I can’t help but just die laughing.

Every clip and story of him just feels like a fever dream, the man is hysterical.

What is a “for profit” prison? Explain it to me like I’m 6

I hear people mention “for profit” prisons. One person I know is very vocal about it. How are prisons ‘for profit’? I thought jails were ran by the government whether it’s federal, state or county. Obviously county jail is not prison but you understand what I’m saying. Are prisons actually privately owned and then contracted out to the government? Is this a rampant thing, the majority of prisons are structured this way?

Friend has gotten 2 DUIs and never went to court for either of them. How fucked is he?

Had a chat with an old friend that had gotten a DUI. Turns out, he actually got two of them, a few months after one another. He never went to court, never paid a fine, just went about his life like it never happened….now, it’s been two or three years since.

How fucked is he? How has he gotten away with it for so long? If by some miracle it gets to be 10+ years down the road, does it just go away? Or, is there no statute of limitations if there were actually charges filed?

EDIT: oh god. I go to work for a few hours and come back to 500+ comments. Okay, so I guess it’s actually been about 5 years since he got them. Two different counties, same state, like two months apart.

He says he’s not planning on ever doing anything about it, and just gonna keep rolling the dice. I was just curious how badly he’s fucked.

Also the “friend” comments are super funny to me. No this is not one of those types of posts. I most definitely am not the one who’s ass is grass, here. I think the anxiety of having some shit like that over my head would actually kill me.

Also also, yes, he’s an idiot. I’m aware. He’s aware. You’re aware. Moving on.

How do crackheads get money to buy crack?

Addiction is a horrible disease and I’m not trying to degrade those who are addicts, but aren’t crackheads homeless and jobless? So how can they get enough money to support their addiction?

Reddit settle this LONG TIME argument- do you EAT the gingerbread house or is it just decoration??

My argument: if it were not meant to be eaten, you would not make it out of COOKIES and FROSTING and CANDY. Those are not ideal building materials. The entire reason to make the gingerbread house is because it can be EATEN.

Partners argument: The house gets stale quickly and you don’t typically use the same kind of cookie material as when you bake gingerbread cookies, and that’s because it’s just a quaint little decoration exercise and you are NOT supposed to eat the house made of COOKIES.


Do they check for metal stuff in you before an MRI?

Ok so I just read this post on about someone with a scalpel left in them, and one commenter noted how lucky it was the person never had an MRI. I'm familiar with how MRIs use enormously powerful magnets and that any ferrous material nearby is often attracted to the field. So now I'm being kept awake by wondering if they x-ray you before putting you into an MRI just incase you've got any unknown metal stuff inside you??

Why are things becoming "homeless proof"?

Benches, and other things to lay on being covered in spikes or separating it so its hard to lay on it. Its not like making the homeless uncomfortable is gonna make them disappear

Are most men 40+ unattracted to their same age counterparts?

Serious question. I feel that men my own age do not even consider me when it comes to wanting a committed relationship. Its become extremely disheartening.

My husband is trying to fix swollen laptop battery

My husband is at the kitchen table, in front of our kids, trying to take out macbook batteries that are swollen. How dangerous is this really?

He stopped. It's in the garage until we can find a place to take it. Than you for your help, I was completely floored he was messing with it at all.

When people say that chatgpt isn't really AI, what is really AI?

Yes I know it's not sentient. Is that what they're referring to? I never thought it was sentient in the first place. If it sounds like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, and echoes like a duck, then who cares?

What do non-black people think about black hair styles?

As a black guy, I’m genuinely curious what white people think about the different black hair styles. Afros, waves, dreads, cornrows, twists. What do you guys think of them?

Do people in non-english speaking countries get tattoos spelled in English?

People get Chinese symbol tattoos in the US without understanding the language, curious if there is flip side to that