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If You Hanabi My Lover, You Gotta Get With My Fools - General Question and Discussion Megathread


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Jade Kit via DimReliable
Jade Kit via Dim
by APerson567iI like the Stonehearts:ThePreservation:
Aventurine's character story via Tart. The translation may not be completely accurateSpoilerQuestionable

Character Story 1

I have something to report to you about the new employee."

"What's got you so worried, Erwin?"

"My inbox is full of complaints about him, both formal and informal. I think... you might want to reconsider accepting him into the Strategic Investment Department."

"What do they all say?"

"It's mainly about his identity, those eyes... Someone always knows he's from Sigonia."

"The Avgin people once deceived the Marketing Development Department, claiming that the barren loess of Sigonia contained untapped energy. After they invested heavily in mining, they found out it was all nonsense."

"And there's the horrific 'Egizhazo Gold Sand Case', where the Avgin remnants tricked the Intelligentsia Guild into believing that the body of the Imperator Insectorum 'Tayzzyronth' was buried there - those scholars were so careful, yet they still fell into the trap."

"And there's a letter from the Sigonian Chiefdom Council, condemning his tribe for breaking the resolution and causing chaos, which has led to a major change in the peace situation between the tribes, and the signing of the agreement between Sigonia and the company has been repeatedly delayed. Now that another Avgin employee has joined the company, the impact is extremely bad..."

"If that's all, then there's no need to say more."

"...You know all about it?"

"Every gem has its own unique value, and our job is to 'invest'."

"There's no need to appease those stubborn old mans who wrote the letters. These rumors will sooner or later reach - no, should have already reached his ears. Just right, let's see how much surprise he can bring us

Character Story 2

"Boy, you're really something... You've used your incredible trick to clear out my business. But I will never surrender, at worst, I'll just blow this whole place up... What can you do?"

Yimanika "Mad Cow" gestured for his subordinate to let go, he raised his head from the table and patted the dust off his collar.

"You guys, the high and mighty corporate dogs, look down on the wanderer, right? But you're on our territory now, so you have to play by our rules."

"Mad Cow" emptied the magazine and loaded a single bullet into the gun, dropping it at his feet.

"Six times, after at most six gunshots, life and death will be up to fate. Do you dare?"

He crouched down and picked up the gun.

"There have been too many people pointing guns at me, and some have even pulled the trigger... But guess why I'm still standing here?"

He stood up, stared into "Mad Cow"''s eyes, raised the gun, and pressed it against his own heart.

"Because in the end, the gun will always come into my hands."

"And now, I'm getting tired of this game... A one-in-six chance is far from enough, to challenge fate——"

Six consecutive gunshots rang out in the dead silent starship, after the smoke cleared, he raised the gun again and walked towards "Mad Cow", with a new bullet in the magazine.

"You have to learn to turn yourself into a dice first."

"——You refuse to surrender, but on what grounds? Just because of this clumsy game of chance? Or is it..."

He turned the muzzle of the gun and pointed it into the darkness.


In the direction the muzzle was pointing, a woman slowly appeared, also holding a gun. The moment he saw her, "Mad Cow" seemed to grab a life-saving straw.

"Ms. Jade, this is not what we agreed on..."

Just then, the two of them opened fire, and two subordinatein the darkness behind each of them fell to the ground.

"The company's enemies are really everywhere, aren't they?" The woman calmly put away her gun, took out a makeup mirror, and checked her appearance.

"Using your and my lives as bait, letting them fight for it, making them think it's an internal conflict but they were all caught in one fell swoop... It's a good plan, but it's too dangerous." He smiled to welcome the other party's arrival, but his hands were shaking slightly.

"A plan? No, it was just a test."

The elegant woman opened her palm, and a "Aventurine" with a strange color lay in her palm.

"It's nothing strange, to be desired, to be chased, to be cut, to be sold... This is the fate of a gem."

"But you still have a lot to do, it all depends on how you see yourself."

Character Story 3

He walked into the room at the end of the corridor. He still remembered the last time he was here, he was a hideous prisoner. Now, he stood here, facing the people at the top of the department.

He listened to the blonde woman read a long and boring report. The cold numbers could not convey the thrill of walking on the edge of life and death, nor could they tell them how much he had lost and gained in the process. He only wondered if she was human or machine.

And the "Aventurine" that symbolized power and the future was about to be officially handed over to him - the thing he had risked his life to get, at the moment he got it, lost its temptation and value to him.

"'Aventurine', do you have any other questions?" At the end of the meeting, Jade - the only person he knew here - asked.

"What happened to the Avgin people in Sigonia?"

"I'm sorry, there are no Avgin people left in Sigonia. You are the last lucky one."

"What about those who helped me on Planet ██? I think I can repay them now."

"They're all gone too."


He returned to his office blankly. On the table, the Aventurine glowed with a strange light, as if congratulating him but still mocking him.

"When you fight fate, are you really the lucky one?"

Character Story 4

Penacony... "Diamond" finally decided to make a move on it?"

The miniature model on the table spun continuously, and the crystal-clear memory bubbles kept emitting tiny bubbles.

"This is an unimaginable historical bad debt, so the interests behind it... are impressively high."

The person in front of him had his back to him, looking at the purple-red sky of Pier Point at dusk.

"But why me?"

The man still had his back to him, and he could not use his eyes, which were good at capturing details, to find the real intention behind this decision.

"It should have been me. But "Diamond" believes that The Family still has value in cooperating, and he hope that there is at least room for a peaceful solution to this matter."

"After thinking about it, I think you are the most suitable."

"This is only our second conversation, and you trust me so much?"

"Wrong, I don't trust you at all - maybe "Jade" will, but I won't."

"Maybe this time, luck will not be on your side, and you will pay the price for your long-standing luck."

The person in front of him finally turned around, the distant building reflecting the seven-colored light of Opal, and a music box suddenly played.

"But that's what you always wanted, right?"

Acheron's character story via Tart. The translation may not be completely accurateSpoilerQuestionable

Character Story One

"...It is not that people choose the sword, but that the sword chooses the person. ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇... That day, watching the 'sword' being created by my hands and then handed over to the girl's hands, I realized that on the path to fighting the ▇▇▇▇,, she had chosen - or was chosen - to embark on that path that seemed to lead to tomorrow. ▇▇▇▇▇ beautiful era, even though the Izumo country is still facing threats, people still hold hope, believing that the ▇▇ will be all cut down, and the world will be free again... ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇..." - Ancient Scroll

Character Story Two

"...From the fragments left by the blacksmith, we know that Izumo once came to the brink of destruction. In order to survive, they created the 'sword' by ▇▇▇▇, and the wielder of the sword was hailed as a hero who saved the country.

Unfortunately, this world has already disappeared from the star map, the truth of history is nowhere to be found, and 'Memory' no longer exists. When the Armed Archaeologists arrived, the only thing flowing in the galaxy was a 'Mythus" ballad: endless rain poured out of ▇▇▇▇▇▇ like tears, and under the faint rain curtain, the survivors of Izumo turned their backs on their hometown that had been erased by ▇▇▇▇▇▇..." - Oppenheimer, "The Writer"

Character Story Three

"I used the 'Awakening-310' drug, which can make people sink into a very deep sleep and relive past memories. Some patients can regain ██████ with this, but she is different. Before her, no one had ever been able to wake up from a deep sleep on their own. I observed her dreams... It was hard to call them happy memories: a gloomy sky, a ruined city, ruins, and endless drizzle.

The rain seemed to never stop, and in the rising tide, people smiled as they drowned. And in the dark night, I could always hear the distant thunder approaching, until at one moment, the lightning flashed and tore the night apart. Under the broken sky, I saw her again - in a world that had faded into nothingness, she gently swung a sword and took away the whole dream.

I have to admit, she has gone much further than us on this path. The elusive ████ leads her to ██ yet she holds it in her hands without realizing it. Perhaps at the beginning of the journey, she was already ready to face the real enemy..." - Notes of a Pharmacist

Character Story 4

"I leave this letter here. If I don't come back, let it tell the story of her, a companion I met in ████. The road to the other shore is difficult, and thanks to her company, I was able to travel safely...

...Before we met, she had already traveled to many worlds, and she was very proficient in all kinds of survival skills. I cooked and pitched tents with her in the wild. On those nights without stars, she would listen to me tell stories and discuss what we would do tomorrow. More often, we just walked in silence. The snow here is purple, and it tastes like raspberries. She would ████praise the raspberry snowballs I made

...Before I met her, I had been wading in the ██ River for many years. She reached out to me, and we walked together in this river. Now, the time for separation has come. I haven't reached the shore yet, and I don't know what I'm going to face... But I have no reason to stop. Life is nothing more than a road with an end. Before that, I will walk to the end with my own feet. I believe she is the same." -Notes of an Explorer

Character Story 5:

"...It is not that people choose the sword, but that the sword chooses the person. Just as people cannot choose their destiny, but destiny chooses them... That day, watching the 'sword' being created by my hands and then handed over to the girl's hands, I realized that on the path to fighting the 'Yaoyorozu no Kami (八百万の神, Eight Million Gods) , she had chosen - or was chosen - to embark on that path that seemed to lead to tomorrow. How I wish this was a beautiful era, even though the Izumo country is still facing threats, people still hold hope, believing that the Evil Gods will be all cut down, and the world will be free again... But until the light of the sword fades, I realize that this is a dead end with no end, and those who set foot on it will never be able to turn back..." - Ancient Scroll

[HomDGCat 2.1v2] New BOSS Buffed (to 1.84 Million HP in MoC 12) & New Elite Enemy ChangesSpoilerReliable
  • t.me/homdgcat

  • https://homdgcat.wiki/sr/monster/8034010?lang=EN

  • https://homdgcat.wiki/sr/monster/3013010?lang=EN

Photo stand-in & invited characters in 2.1 via GuraLeakSpoilerReliable
by Korur:argenti_1: Certified Husbando Collector :argenti_4: