Sorry if this isn’t allowed but its important to bring to light: The family of the fan who passed out during Taylor’s concert is having financial difficulties to bring Ana’s body home (she isn’t from Rio) and that no one on Taylor’s team contacted them.

I know it wasn’t her fault to what happened but as a fan of hers I’m very disappointed the way she and her PR team are distancing themselves from the situation. Not a word to Ana’s family. Not any help. She’s literally a billionaire. Also, in the note she posted on her stories she said Ana passed BEFORE the concert, which is a LIE: Ana fainted during Cruel Summer. She is eximing herself from any responsibility. Previously we thought she was doing things for Ana’s family behind the scenes as she said she wouldnt talk about this on stage, but to know now the show simply went on and that’s it, it’s unbelievable coldness.

Some news on this:

It’s in portuguese but I don’t think it’s going to take long to reach International news