I (29F) am getting married in 5 months. I met up with my mom and sister yesterday because they wanted to help me with the wedding planning. They were both giving me really different ideas and they were arguing over which would be nicer since they both had opposite opinions. It was just like really overwhelming honestly and I started crying and yelled at them that I don’t want their help and that I was fine on my own. I didn’t mean to be rude but I just want it to be perfect buts it’s so hard. Everyone in my life is telling what I should and shouldn’t do and everyone is trying to help me except my literal fiancé. He hasn’t given me any input and I just want the whole day to be perfect ands it so scary and overwhelming. I kinda just wish I wasn’t getting married now not because I don’t love my fiancé but this whole planning experience has been so awful.

I apologised straight away for being rude but my mom and sister yelled at me anyway and told me that they were just trying to help and just because i’m indecisive doesn’t mean I should take it out on them. I apologised again but my sister threatened to not go to my wedding because i’m being a bitch. They both left and my sister told me that she won’t help me. I feel so bad I’ve probably ruined the whole wedding. I don’t understand why I have to do everything though like why wont my fiancé help? I’ve asked him to but he still doesn’t. But no one asks him how the planning is going they always ask me like why is it not a mutual thing why do I have to do it all. It’s so exhausting.